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UPDATED MAY 18, 2009

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- paralyzed enigma
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- paralyzedsoul@

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livejournal (personal blogs / rants) screen name : ozgasmic

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thetra. // my twin from another mother. these past few years have been great. i love you.
kamixyu. // we've been great friends for awhile now. i really do love you and i'm so glad we're fandom hoppers together.
eternamente // we rarely ever talk anymore but you're an amazing author / person.
one.foot.out.the.door // i miss you so much. a great author who i have the privilege of knowing in real-life.


• WE WILL SEE WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS - a lot of josh/neku, but perhaps returning to my roots and reclaiming RikuSora. After all, it's freshmen year, just college this time around, and 'tis the season!

a bit about the author

age : eighteen
location : connecticut, united states
education level : college freshman
birthday : october 1st
ancestory : english (mayflower) ; french-canadian ; irish
likes : roleplaying, writing, reading, music, theatre, yaoi & het;
dislikes : sports, non-constructive flames, losing loved ones.
favorite pairings: riku x sora ; joshua x neku;
• wants to become a corporate attorney / novelist
i love and read all my reviews
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" Words and ideas can change the world. " Mr. Keating (Robin Williams), Dead Poets Society

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