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Hello and Welcome to my Bio: I suppose you're here to learn something about me.

Well I'm afraid there's not much to say. I am a Christian and I am male. I am a big fan of Bleach because of its characters and the setting. I also have a reasonable knowledge of other anime and manga that I have watched and read throughout the years.

I am working on several stories, but in such a way that they're either in first draft development (one at a time) and second draft development (I may switch between these). Regardless, the entire story will be complete before I start uploading, and uploads are meant to be once a week per chapter.

On writing fiction: There are so many ways to do it right and wrong, depending on what works for the individual, that I'll just give some really useful tips.

1) First drafts are meant to be bad. They exist to get your ideas on paper, and no editing is needed. The second draft is where you start adding, trimming, adjusting, and making your story consistent. The third draft is where you start polishing, but it may also just be another version of the second draft.

2) Pen/Pencil and paper are great tools for first drafts, especially since you can make notes, draw pictures and charts, and do other such things easily in the margins to help you string together and make adjustments to your story when typing it into your second draft (which I do).

3) Know your canon well enough to understand how the world works. This is crucial, as accidentally breaking how canon works and intentionally breaking how canon works are two very, very different things that couldn't be more obvious. In Bleach, for example, accidentally breaking a canon law of nature will 99% of the time end in a plot hole you can't escape. Some stories (several I have read) have made it to over 200,000 words before running into a story-breaking plot hole that developed 5,000 words in. That's got to be a hard pill to swallow, and the answer I've seen is to either give up, lampshade it and break the reader's suspension of disbelief, or rewrite it. 200,000 words is a lot to rewrite. Most just give up writing it, which is a shame, but understandable, too. I don't envy anyone with that choice to make.

I should probably let you know I don't write lemons (I will read them... probably shouldn't though). I love intimate and passionate scenes, but I don't need to describe the act of sex (or sexual acts) to write one.

I don't mind criticism, so if you take issue with my story, please let me know via review or PM. It doesn't have to be well worded, but "x doesn't make sense to me" is more useful to me improving as an author than "it sucks". Thanks in advance.

Since late October 2015 I have been dealing with a constant dizziness and lightheadedness. I normally wouldn't say anything but occasionally I have been making mental errors that I do not consider the normal spacing out. This has negatively affected my ability (at times) to review and write to some degree. If you think I have been unfair, just let me know and I'll look it over and respond.

Update: Another shock to my brain, as well as depression/bipolar has made things more difficult yet.


Manga: Bleach (deeply flawed, but still my favourite)

Anime: Eureka 7

Manwha: Tower of God

(American) Cartoon: Static Shock

Male manga/anime Character: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach) - I identify with him more than any other character I have come across.

Female manga/anime Character: Tomo Aizawa (Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!) - I love her tomboyish character and how she's trying to grab the attention of her childhood crush (who tends to see her as a guy) by becoming more "girly" and naturally failing at it while revealing her own natural, more rough and tumble charm.

Least Favorites (Of things I have tried to read/watch)

Male Character: Issei Hyoudou (High School DxD) - Almost all of the potential of the High School DxD franchise is ruined by this character. In fact, I couldn't get past the first few episodes because of this character.

Female Character: Sakura Haruno (Naruto) - Terrible judge of character, extremely unreasonable, and thinks she can convince a person to change their ways just because she is herself (It's been a few years so things may have changed since i last read it). By NO means does this justify Sakura bashing, that is just stupid.

Manga: Too many manga (good and bad) for me to remember the bad ones.

Anime: High School DxD - Issei is the reason; without him I may actually like the Anime. How? Because I know it's fiction. If I didn't separate reality and fiction... well, I'd never read much, would I? I'd be in a room with padded walls.

(American) Cartoon: Family Guy - The humor is 99% miss for me which leaves a bunch of irritating characters, awkward situations, and stupid... everything. I've got over 20 episodes under my belt over the years... and it still sucks.

The Concept of Love

I personally believe that the word 'Love' is the greatest tragedy to happen to the English language because we have one word to describe what the Greek language used six words to cover (other languages use multiple words too). They are:

1) Eros: Sexual Passion (Not necessarily a positive thing because the irrationality that tended to result from eros was viewed as dangerous in many cases by the ancient Greeks).

2) Philia: Deep Friendship (Essentially a more intimate form of camaraderie, more valued to the Greeks than Eros).

3) Ludus: Playful Love (Basically the affection between children or young lovers: flirting may be contained in this definition but the term can also mean participating in and enjoying activities with friends).

4) Agape: Love for Everyone (Known as selfless love; divine/godly love; or universal loving kindness).

5) Pragma: Longstanding Love (A mature form of love based on understanding what it took to stay in love which includes the willingness to find compromise).

6) Philautia: Love of the Self (Kind of a two-part definition here: one is the obvious 'obsessed with self' love and the other is the 'feeling secure in yourself' love).

So there you have it, hopefully an eye-opening list that helps you if you write or ever decide to write in the future. By the way, I pulled most of this from an article (and shortened it significantly) on yesmagazine called "The Ancient Greeks’ 6 Words for Love (And Why Knowing Them Can Change Your Life)". Please visit that article if you want a more in-depth explanation.

Relationships (A.K.A. characters I might actively 'ship' for one solid reason or another)

I usually like a pairing if it makes sense to the pair working out long-term. I also will only post about potential couples within works I am writing about.


Ichigo, one on one, with most women from Bleach have the potential to make sense in a relationship if written well enough (often—but not always—due to most characters having enough of a personality to feel individual, but at the same time not enough of a personality to make it clear who they are or aren't into); therefore, I will comment on who makes the most sense and who makes the least sense.

Most sense: Ichigo and Senna (If we are allowing non-canon characters) - Pretty sure they would have married if Senna didn't literally fade into nothing. They had a wonderful chemistry, and were regularly bringing out the best in each other.

Most sense: Ichigo and Tatsuki - They are childhood friends and regularly interact because they live fairly close to each other; they also have more similarities in their personalities than any other canon pairing potential. There is also a sweet side-story Kubo wrote about Tatsuki, where she questions her future relationship with Ichigo a year or two before they go to high school.

Least sense: Ichigo and Rangiku - She would probably irritate him really badly. Yeah she's a flirt, but that says nothing about compatibility.

Least sense: Ichigo and Orihime - Before you find your pitchforks, please hear me out. I like Orihime as a character, but she has so little in common with Ichigo that I just don't see it happening. They weren't doing similar things before Ichigo got turned into a soul reaper, and there was no indication Ichigo or Orihime became more interested in the other's hobbies. So when there are no enemies, what do they do together? When have they shown a similar attitude toward things? Sure, they're both very forgiving people, but Ichigo doesn't take things lying down if he can help it (see all the times he was near death and was still taunting or trying to defeat the enemy). Orihime is more of a wallflower, who will do dumb things for the sake of preventing someone from getting hurt (like when she chose to go with the arrancar just because they were strong enough to kill her friends... knowing she would be used against them to ultimately make her friends more helpless. Her decision only worked out due to Ichigo's dumb luck, hardheadedness, and opposing view on that subject).

Yes, I know Ichigo x Orihime is canon. But as far as I'm concerned, canon didn't earn it. So Ichigo x Orihime still doesn't make sense romantically beyond 5 years max and another 5-10 just to make sure their kid(s) is/are grown up enough before they get an amicable divorce. Now, if a continuation of Bleach had Orihime die early on and show the family dealing with her death... I'd probably be willing to change my mind about how realistic their relationship is. But the ending of the manga doesn't suggest that. Or if Tite Kubo rewrote the manga to actually earn the ship. Until then, it's still "least sense" to me.

Non-Ichigo pairings:

Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai: It was cool to see Renji acknowledge, and then work to develop past his shortcomings for the sake of his girl, and seeing him get her was heartwarming and made a ton of sense.

Orihime and Uryu: They both at least have a hobby they share together, and between Orihime developing into a less ditzy, more serious (and awesome) character and Uryu becoming a more compassionate character, I think they would make a nice couple (who are always secretly in on a joke together).


Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune Arc: It already happened, it sucks that Pyrrha got killed before anything more could happen.

Blake Belladonna and Sun Wukong.

No opinion of the other characters yet (I am behind on the show).


Alucard and Seras Victoria: There's a sexual tension between the two the whole series, so I vote for them... though I doubt vampires care about romance all that much.

Suspension of Disbelief

It can make a poorly worded idea readable and a masterfully worded work of literary art unbearable. Things need to make sense and if they don't all the patchwork in the world won't fix anything. Just because you want something to happen, doesn't mean it is okay to skip logic to achieve it. Give a reasonable explanation and make sure that explanation is logically sound as well.


This is something that genuinely bothers me because so many stories take a character; gut their existence of what makes them, them; and keep the name and pass it off as making sense (yes this is one way to break suspension of disbelief). If alterations are made to explain the situation of why and how a character came to be that way then it's usually fine; but don't have them do something that they would never do to begin with when there's no reason for it.

God bless and have a good day everyone.

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