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Hi, my name is Jackie otherwise known as Saiyajin princess chichi or just plain Chichi.

I'm going on 29 this year, and I feel like I've finally realized that it's not about writing to be better than anyone, or to really impress anyone, I'm writing because it is something I enjoy immensely and have been doing for quite some time. I'm not here for drama. If you read my writing and feel the need to flame my writing, quickly dismiss yourself from my story pages, and do not return, infantile bitching and criticism are not welcome. Creative criticism and ideas are always always welcome.

Hair: Reddish/Brown/Black
Eyes: Brown/Hazel/Black. All depending on mood
Height: 4'10 and 3/4 of an inch. shhhh I'm short deal with it, I love it.
Favorite Musicians: Otep, Chimaira, Bonnie Raitt, Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM. There are many.
Favorite Movies: A Clockwork Orange, Labyrinth, Horror movies, Drama, Crime and murder movies.
Favorite Book: Sybil, A clockwork Orange, Discovery of Witches, A Great & Terrible Beauty (too many really)

Writing Topics of choice: I love DBZ and all the other series (even though i don't like the way alot of the series end). I also love X-men evolution, and any and all work by Jhonen Vasquez. Other animes that I like and may possibly write for are Sailor Moon, yes it is a long time love with sailor moon and Dragonball Z for me. Also Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Gundam Wing and a bunch others. Couples of Choice: My favorite couple are Kakarot/Goku and Chichi. Oh another note I am obsessed with K/CC alternate universe fics and all G/CC or K/CC fics, there aren't enough out there, and I know many other people that agree with me on that. X-Men evolution couple: Kitty/kurt, but I like the other couples like wolverine/storm,jean/scott,rogue/gambit. Sailor Moon Couple: Usagi/Mamoru of course. Inuyasha couples: Kagome/Inuyasha, Sango/ Miroku, Kouga/Ayame, Sess/Rin.

A/N: So it's 2014 and I know I haven't touched most of my stories in what feels like a millenia, but I promise that will be changing. Life has changed a bit for me, I moved from CT to Cleveland Ohio, and finally finished my Masters in Social Work. Yep, I'm a big girl now. I'm a therapist for the Juvenile Justice System and I absolutely love what I do! I came back to writing these past weeks as my 5 year relationship just ended, and it seemed to be the only thing soothing my soul. I forgot how much I missed this place and how much I missed writing and posting my pieces up here. So there will be new pieces posted in the next week, and I'm going to have to figure where I left off with rejuvenating all my old stories, but I will be doing shop upkeep. Feel free to drop by and say hi!!

2016 Update: So many of my stories have been put on hold, but I am doing some editing and may repost stories in their entirety if I decide that they are worthy. Currently my primary project is When the Sun Sets (DBZ) and I will be working that through to completion before starting any multi-chapter stories. Although you will be getting little one shot drabbles as I write them. It breaks up the monotony of only working on one story at a time, but keeps me from getting over loaded. Hope you all enjoy!! As always feel free to drop me a message and say hello!

Love, Saiyajin Princess Chichi

Also check out the collaboration profile created by myself and BulmaB1. We started to write a story, and that will be worked on now that college has come to an end for the both of us so go check the story as well as us out. Thanks a bunch.
Femme Fatale Sisterhood

Works in Progress:

Dizzy Up The Girl: (On Hold/Being Revised) I am currently working on revising the chapters and reposting what I have previously taken down. I will also release the new chapters as I go. Sorry that this has taken so long to get back up and finish.

Dreamscapes of Destiny: (On hold) I have the next chapter completely laid out, I just need to sit down and organize my thoughts and put them together. The new chapter will most likely be up by mid June at the latest.

Savory Sadism: (In Progress) I just posted this as of 5/16. I picked up my Johnny The Homicidal Maniac book, was inspired, then immediately pounded out two chapters right off the bat. The next chapter will be posted before the next week has come to an end. This will be written while it's all still fresh in my head. Not quite sure how long I'll make it yet, that will be determined soon.

Spend a Little Time on Me: (In progress) I already reworked the first two chapters to this and have worked on new chapters. There will be numerous new chapters released over this summer, but it may take a slight back burner to some of the other work that I have previously taken up.

The Ultimate Power: (In Revision Process) This will be taken down, revised and reposted in chunks over the course of this summer. This one has not been touched by me in quite a few years, the whole story will be reworked, I am at a very different point in my maturity level and writing skills now in comparison to where I was when this was started. I'll begin work on this soon.

When the Sun Sets: (Active in progress) This story will be continued through to completion, I promise. I have almost all of it done but need to finish editing and posting the rest of it!!

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