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I will rule the...uh...world sounds overused doesn't it? OOOK I will rule the Island of the tropical pineapples and apples. Tropical apples are too real! they look..uh...like...I'll get back to you on that one. Haven't found my Island so I will make one! Yess mwahahahahahaha!

Most of my stuff will be Ginny/Draco (I love that pairing)
I'll try to warn you if you don't like that pairing.

or you will not get a tropical Apple

I must apologize to everyone out there who reads my stuff. I am writing a novel (Gasp) yes it is true your, uh favorite author has been corrupted by characters of her own devising.

IN short, some of my stories may take a while to get up but don't worry I will. someday


I am a published author! Ahhhhhhh!! For more information, please, please, please! Contact me! nikkiflinn@ Please put 'Your Book' as the subject matter or I will delete it!

Status of Stories

Edit- Have this story line mapped out. Chapter wise, no idea. DG eventually.

The Way That These Things Go: Not Up yet, DG with Snape/Ginny

It's Friday I'm In Love: Not Up yet, DG

Welcome to Elm Street: Nightmare on Elm Street xover. Not Up yet

Can't Help Myself- Not sure. Will depend on me and Jules.

Move Along- Sequel to Dirty Little Secret and Stab My Back.

If Only, If Only: DG HP Up and running. No idea for length yet.

Me and My Monochromatic Friend: HD, PH, DG. Not Up yet

The Glass Child: D/OC DG Will have Three sequels

I Want You To Want Me: DG collab with Jules

Malfoy's 11: Collab with Jules

The Impossible Dream: DG Not Up yet

It's All About Ginny- Not up yet, unsure Will be a D/G fic.

The Best Laid Plans...- (Artemis Fowl crossover) not up yet, at least ten, maybe fifteen. Ginny/Artemis, Hermione/Harry

A Dangerous Game: JP/LW story. Will be at least ten or so. It's gonna get pretty intense soon, so buckle your seat belts.

The Water Supply: ? No idea. It's a work in progress.

Love and Marriage: DG not up yet. Will be at least fifteen

The Hero's Bride: Ginny/Hermione. My take on The Princess Bride. will be at least ten. Now also DG with HrR as a side ship.

The Slytherin Bride Groom: Same story as The Hero's Bride but different ship. DG. Not Up yet. Will not go up until it is finished.

Go Ask Alice: Sequel to Alice is Bleeding. Will be another AiW crossover and this one will be explicitly DG!

A Pirate's Life for Me: Not up yet Draco/Ginny/Hermione

It's Called A Plan For A Reason: DG not up yet

God Help the Outcasts: Not up yet Ginny/Draco (eventually)

Help Me Daphne: Not up yet 10-30 (D/G eventually)

Teenaged Wasteland: HP/Buffy crossover, at least 20 chapters

Miscalculation: Hermione/Ginny not up yet.

River's Serenity: I have decided that this one will end in about five more chapters...

Just Around The Bend: DG. I took this one over from Avery McAire. I have decided it will end in about seven more chapters...give or take.

The TriWizard Tournament: HrV with a side of DG. Not up yet. To all my DG fans, this one will focus mostly on the Hermione/Viktor ship but there should be enough DG to keep you satisfied.

Pansies; or Real Men Wear Pink: DG for the most part. No idea how long it will be. We'll just wait and see.

Much love, me

K, note to any one who cares. I have my deviant art site up and running. you can check it out. I also do requests. Just drop me a line with what you want done and I'll drop you one when I have it up.


8/20/07: I've finished writing my second book and am working on my third! Go me!

11/6/07: On a positive note, I finished writing my third book! I'm looking for some help with that. Contact me at nikkiflinn@ if you're interested!

9/30/09: So divinely unmotivated lately. I've been trying to publish my books for months now and not a damn person will get back to me. It's really frustrating and degrading. I need a frickin' hug.

Warning! If I do not get reviews on fics after six months, I will delete them and stop writing them. I would love to finish all my fics, but If I have no one interested in them, I WILL DELETE THEM! So please, review.

Does anybody read this thing?

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