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Joined Feb '15

hobbies:soccer,basketball,dance,reading/manga,running,and music


favorite anime: (i'm just going to name one.) inazuma eleven, etc

favorite anime characters: kazemaru ichirota, kiyama hiroto, suzuno fuusuke, fubuki shirou, kurama norihito, kirino ranmaru, amemiya taiyou, yukimura hyouga, matsukaze tenma, fei rune, and shuu.

anime character hair i would steal: kurama norihito

favorite weapons: sword(first favorite:sword) bow and arrow, and my aunt's meatloaf(trust me, if you ever try it, it will kill you, i would know cause i almost died from eating it, plus that thing is an object of destrusion. if you ever try to karate chop it then you will see what i mean.)

favorite character songs: mai agare- kazemaru, starline- hiroto, do our best- kurama and hamano, yuuki no harmony- shindou, kimi dakara- taiyou and tenma, believe- kirino, li kaze fuite kitaa- tenma and fei, namida no art- fei and kirino, and (the list will go on forever so i will stop here.)

favorite books/series/manga: anima(manga), inazuma eleven(manga), percy jackson(series), spirit animals(series), hunger games(series), wolf storm(book),shugo chara(manga), dog's way home(book), stranded(series), and etc (the list will go on forever)

favorite songs: try- p!nk, et- katy perry, last friday night- katy perry, raise your glass- p!nk, shake it off- taylor swift, love story- taylor swift, and etc (the list will go on forever.

nicknames: twinkletoes (i know its cheesy, but thats what most of my friends call me), sagittarius, ice princess, lightling hands, and speed star

gender: female

personality: dense, cheerful, cold, hotheaded, calm, easygoing, protective, quiet, shy, nice, dumb in math, brave and too strong (i don't know so i'm just going to type in all of the personalities my friends said i have) also i don't think being able to lift my aunt's meatloaf being strong. (plus that my aunt's meatloaf is so freakin big and hard that i can't even break it with my hand.)

favorite colors: blue, green, white, purple, and black

things i hate: the color pink (i despise it), makeup, pole dancing (i don't hate it, i just don't like it), my twin brother, and thats just about it.

favorite elements: fire and water.

favorite animals: panda, falcon, wolf, cat, and dog (not in that order)

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