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Hi. The name's Emily, and I love to write, read and draw. (Even though I'm not that good at the last one ; )

Some of my older fics will probably be re written at some point, as I know I've improved in my writing, and reading some of the older ones makes me cringe.

I'm sorry for not updating of my fics in ages, but I was being a really, really bad procrastinator.

Info on my ongoing fics:

Kakashi's son

I've recently (finally) added an extra chapter. I aim to update this more regularly, since you all deserve it, haha... ;
I'm sorry about the really long wait, my laziness is off the charts. So far we're just easing into the start of the plot and Haru's childhood. Pairings, dealing with the Harry Potter world, ect. will all come after he's had a bit of time to grow up first. I have a vague plot in my head, but I may do a poll for a few things when we get to them. Be prepared, and thanks for being patient with me! (ω)

Changing Fate:

This fic is currently on hiatus, since I'm focusing more on my other two currently. Don't worry, though! I'm not abandoning, I'm just putting it off for a while. I'm going to rewrite it first, since I feel my OC was too Mary Sue. I'm going to keep the basic characters and plot, but changing a few of her abilities (and possibly her name). Please bear with me- it'll be updated eventually!

Warriors and Wizards:

I've rewritten the first two chapters, whoch took me a while. I've nearly finished writing the third chapter- that'll be up soon. (Hopefully). I have a fairly good idea of the plot route I'm going down, but I'm still making up half of it as I go along... Whoops? Oh well. Anyway, thanks to those who favourites, followed or reviewed. It means a lot, especially since this was my first fanfic.

Some more fanfics might be on the way, -hint, hint ;)- but don't worry, they'll mostly just be plot bunnies, and I'll be mainly focusing on the three above. And a big thank you for everyone who reviewed and favorited my stories. It means a lot! And Id never have thought my Kakashi one would get so many, I really appreciate it.

Now some profile info stuff:

Favourite album at this point in time- Vessel- twenty one pilots

Some of the fandoms I'm in:

(not in order)

Harry Potter Homestuck Sherlock BBC Undertale Hetalia Tokyo Ghoul The Mortal Instruments Warriors Doctor Who Percy Jackson Supernatural Naruto Death Note Attack on Titan Free! Kuroshitsuji Marvel The Fault in Our Stars The Maze Runner Carry On/Fangirl Assasination Classroom Les Misérables

Some of my favourite characters:

J. Moriaty Magnus Bane Eridan Ampora Mello Prussia Sirius Black Scourge Mettaton Leo Valdez Gabriel/Loki Kakashi Hatake Hidan Eponine Canada Sans Levi Grell Karma Akabane Loki Newt

Some of my favourite ships: (Emphasis x10 on some)
(I have so many)

FrUk KanRose Destiel Papyton Reigisa JohnLock KaneHide Karma/Nagisa (Ship name??) WolfStar KakaIru Solangelo TenRose FrostIron Malec SnowBaz Ereri (sue me) Matt/Mello Phan Newtmas PruCan

I'LL STOP NOW because I could keep going on forever. You get the idea.

Okay- now some of my favourite bands/singers:

Twenty one pilots Panic! At the Disco My Chemical Romance Fall Out Boy Set It Off Melanie Martinez Halsey Marina and the Diamonds Imagine Dragons Florence The Machine Of Monsters and Men Pentatonix Regina Spektor Troy Sivan The Neighbourhood
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