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Hidden Rose in a Galaxy
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Hello and welcome to my Profile page, I've been visiting this site for about 4 years or so and I wanted to start an account . I sometimes went under the name chocolate strawberry for reviews when I didn't have an account but I don't have to do that now.

I joined because I love reading the many different,fun and creative stories that the writers come up with.

I also made this account because I wanted to express my thoughts to the writers about their stories . I don't think that I will post any stories on fanfiction due to the fact that I think that I don't think I have the vast and creative thinking that the writers have here and also I would probable take a long time planing it out and thinking of too many options and not knowing where to lead the stories.

I just want to give my encouragement to the writers about their stories.I also want to have a collection of stories that I can go back to and reread on this site for fun.I want people to see the stories I like and see if they find an interest in them to and maybe want to read them .

I like to explore the many different types of categories from my favorite Anime's to manga's to movies and comics, The list is endless. I also sometime get the urge to try something different and random.

I usually read stories from Naruto, and Harry Potter but mostly Anime's.

I am a person who likes to read stories about only one character, its like or is a centric , for example like in Naruto, I read stories that mostly deal with Sakura being the main character and things revolving around her and her adventures.

I do that with other characters from other anime's and movies too, Its my own interest to do that and I like it so please don't feel offended about it ,its just how I like it ,you don't have to like how I base my readings off it.I will also try many different types of stories from super long to short stories,from one shots to lemons, its very awesome.

I like to keep an open mind about stories and how they play out , I don't have a strict way of reading things if I find it interesting I will read it ,although I sometimes am picky about angst and tragedy stories,I hate when they have sad endings, I even cry to some of them it gets me very emotional, but I will try them.

I Hope to read many stories in the future and now from awesome writers on Fanfiction and give my thoughts encouragement and love to them.

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