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New Announcement

My computer is down right know. We think I over heated it Monday. So we ordered a new battery that just came in. We have it in my laptop as we speak charging to see if my laptop will turn on. If it still does not turn on I'm down a laptop till I buy a new one. I was in the progress of a new chapter for Tris' Life and another one shot for Divergent. It was saved on my laptop, so if it doesn't turn on I fried it and lost everything that wasn't backed up on my flash drive around Christmas I think. So that means all chapters since my newest one that was posted and that one and some pictures and other documents. So that is sad, but if it turns on I'm backing up everything again. I'm still going to look for new laptop so this doesn't happen again.

New New Announcement

I just got my new laptop. I'm still getting use to it and stuff. I don't have any of my documents on here. Which sucks to be honest. I don't have any room on this thing at all. Its only a 4GB computer and its used up on all my stuff to operate my laptop. My old laptop still wont turn on at all. It looks like its not fried at all so that's good. We think we can get everything off my hard drive. As long as I didn't drop it and mess up something in it. But that's gonna be awhile. So that also sucks. So I literally have nothing. All my stuff for fanfiction is gone. I have some of my chapters and author notes and replys that I saved on my flash drive. But all my new chapters and updates to my old chapters are gone. Also another thing I found out. I cant use micro soft word at all. I have to pay for it. So there is no word document that I can use on here. Sorry guys. Give me some time and ill figure something out. I think I found a free app on here that's called Word Pad I'm not sure if its the same as Word Document or not. Lets hope it is and that I can write things again. I'm also gonna be searching for a new flash drive that's just for this computer and another one that is just for fanfiction and it will have all my progress from now and forward. I'm also gonna try and figure out how to get all my chapters off of here. I know there is a way. I just dot know how to do it yet. So wish me luck.

Websites To Get In Touch-(((Trial Bases For Right Know)))

Tumblr- Just Type heartthrobbingfanticylover and Dot tumblr Dot com and you should get there

Basic Info

Age: I'm 23.

Education: Graduated in 2014 in June, About to start college maybe next year for Graphic so I can work with CGI (Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar)

Interest: any kind of music, reading manga, watching anime, reading books that interest me, hanging with my boyfriend

Genre Infatuation: Romance, Fantasy, Scifi(vampires, part angle), Tragedy(Ones that sometimes have a main characters death or a friend of theirs death. Ex. Romeo & Juleit), Mythology(Greek gods Roman gods Egyptian gods)

Why I Read Some and Like Them: The books also usually have some type of scene like they are having a breath taking love and romantic scene but the others words after usually make you think other wise. I know better. Most deal with Greek mythology or Roman mythology, fairies, dragons, hydras, goblins ogers, demigods, people with special abilities that help them like in the series Graclings. I also tend to read allot of romantic well to me it sometimes seems more the romantic if you know what I mean. Though books sometimes revolve around VAMPIRES. *gasp*

When I started to Read for fun: Summer of 2012 somewhat I read manga's but in my Junior year I was in one school where they didn't have allot of books or a lib in the town by my house then moved to another town with a huge lib with allot of books I liked. Like the rest of PJO series I started it in 7th grade but couldn't get the rest. That's were I fell for Greek mythology but the public lib here had the whole series so I read it then their librarian Ms. Christen showed me more books like that series or ones that are similar so then the summer of 2013 I read like 130 books more then half the manga series Naruto.

Numbers When I Desided To FINALLY Pick A Book Up: The summer before my senor year I know I checked out at least over 600 books half of that during my senior year and a few this summer.

Number of Things Read: I have read about over a 1000 manga's, around 10 or so series a few books that are not in a series at all.

Most Recent Infatuation I Cant Get Over: The Divergent trilogy.

Why?: I have felt so much emotion during that I fell in love with it. I got so in touch with my inner Tris I could feel everything she felt. Sometimes I wounder if I went through my fear landscape could have hers and some of fours fears. I wish I could fine out but I can't. Though in the back of my mind I know me and Tris share one fear.

Dream: I hope that some time in the future I own every book I have ever read and loved. My nook already has about 120 books on it some samples but most I bought them.

Writing Skills: My opinion its sucky. I don't use real big words. I use simple ones. I can't always keep things in order its always all over the place. I could be better. But I think my English teacher disagreed in my senior year since all my essays were a 100 or sometimes more or sometimes a little lower. So I somewhat got better. I usually do better on writing if its on something that is interesting to me.

When I'll Create My First Story With Allot Of Chapters: If I feel confident on my writing skills and that people enjoy it not for certain scenes. But for the story, plot, and what the characters are up to. I might create my own little story with the characters and scenes I read to show you what I thought that the author might have been hinting at and expand upon it. But I first need my confidence.

My One Shots I Might Do Are From: Divergent, PJO/HOO(Possibly might show a character I designed), RosarioVampire

One Shots In The Progress Of Being Made: I have about 10 others that I might do for Divergent. I marked them with a page marker. They will be one shots that are a chapter long. They will not be made into a story. They will NOT be in Fours POV.There might be some I might do in Insurgent but might have to switch it around so there is no war so things can happen to them. There may be like 3 from Alegant but I'm not sure how I will make that work right know. There is one One Shot that I'm debating on from the PJO/HOO Series when Annabeth and Percy are in Tartars not sure yet.

Book Series' I've Read

  1. Percy Jackson & The Olympian
  2. Heroes Oylpums
  3. Fablehaven
  4. Gracling Relm
  5. Unearthly
  6. Beautiful Creatures
  7. House of Night(The last book is what I'm on when ever my tablet lets me read the last book or I go to the library to pick it up to finish)
  8. Vampire Diaries(Stopped after the book where Dameon died. Sorry if I spoiled it for some people. As well as they left the place where the Kitsues treasure was and Ellna(I think is her name been almost a year since I read it) had her powers and wings stripped from here where she is now a human again. Again sorry if I spoiled something. If you know what book is after that one then tell me please I want to finish that series but cant remember what book is next.)
  9. Blue Bloods
  10. Warriors (the cat one with the clans almost finished it have like 5 books left)
  11. Divergent
  12. Fallen
  13. Dangerous Creatures (waiting on book 3 to be made if they make a third one)
  14. Immortal Series-Evermore
  15. Vampire Academy
  16. Apollo's Travels(on book one about to buy book two)
  17. Fablehaven Dragonwatch (its the sequel to Fablehaven about to buy it and start this when I have the ambition to)
  18. (don't remember the name but its the sequel to Vampire Academy have to check the books out or wait to buy them idk but also have to get the ambition to read it)

Manga's I've Read

  1. Naruto
  2. Amazing Agent Jennefer
  3. Amazing Agent Luna
  4. Witch&Wizard
  5. Alvon High
  6. Warriors (the cats had a few short stories that filled in were one part series end and the other started)
  7. Nightschool
  8. Vampire Academy
  9. Maximum Ride

Individual Manga's

  1. Romeo & Juliet(the one that is an Asian type idk how to describe it)
  2. The Clique
  3. Blue Blues (they only made one ever of it into a manga)

Animes Watched but Manga's cant find to Read

  1. Rosario Vampire
  2. InuYasha
  3. Ouran High School Host Club
  4. Black Butlur
  5. Pokemon

If I list all I've watched and might write about well there would be close to 90


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