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Hi, I'm yuki. I'm a stickler for punctuation and grammar, but I am easily impressed by both a good story and good writing. I like to praise those that write well, because I really enjoyed their stories. I don't give empty praises, so if you do get a thumbs up from me, well, pat yourself on the back!

I like to review stories I read - or at least the ones I like. I'm not too picky (kind of), but I need proper grammar and punctuation. And when I say I need it, I mean it. I believe proper etiquette should be exercised online, and that's why I only leave good or constructive feedback to people. At least, I think I do. I am a reverse harem type of fangirl, and I don't mind any crack pairing (sometimes) as long as said crack is with my favourite character. Uh, I'm usually just a reader, but I want to write fanfics as well someday. I've been inspired to write by both Tomas the Betrayer and MaoIsSleepy. Hopefully, one day, you'll see works by me up on this profile...

Pairings that I currently like to read about... (I don't know why I'm so obsessed with genderbending now)

AVALON CODE - The girl MC x Anwar

BLEACH - Rukia x anybody but Ichigo and Renji (It's weird cause I like those two pairings in the manga... But not in FF)

CODE GEASS - FemLelouch x Anyone (I love crack pairings *cough* FemLelouchxSchneizel *cough* ... And reading bout Lelouch dying...)

HARRY POTTER - FemHarry x Anyone (All guys except Ron. I like the cast from the Avengers too), Hermione x Anyone (Cept Harry and Ron)

POKEMON - Yellow x mostly anyone (I like Green or Lance most)

POWERPUFF GIRLS - Bubbles x Boomer/Him/Brick/Butch

PRINCE OF TENNIS - FemRyoma x Anyone (Literally anyone, lol)

PROTECTOR OF THE SMALL - Kel x everyone (I like Neal the most, not much of Dom)

RUNE FACTORY 4 - Frey x Dylas

SKIP BEAT - Kyoko x Ren

W.I.T.C.H. - Hay Lin x Eric

WICKED - Elphaba x Fiyero

WINX CLUB - Musa x Riven

Over and out,


PS. If you want to contact me... Or more like, I just wanted to promote my art, LOL... Find me at

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