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FanFiction page of Red Celeste ( formerly known as IzaXaRose)

An update: It is now year 2021. Holy crap has it been crazy

My main focus

fanfiction is One Piece. Specifically ASL and Law. Naruto- SasuNaru and ItaDei

I avoid deathflics like the plague because I dont need my heart broken when life does that on its own.

My Shipping

One Piece-

MarcoAce - MY OTP

There are more I jist cant think of them at the moment. To get more of an idea look at the stories Ive read.

Things You can do if u want to:

Feel free to PM me. I do love talking to people. I'll reply as quickly as I can. Life can get busy.

Types of fanfiction I am looking for:

I am ALWAYS looking for stories with ASL, the Whitebeards and my SHIPS. NO DEATH FLICS! I love rescue flics with a happy ending(theyre my fav)

If anyone knows of any good fanfictions feel free to PM me the name of them. And, of course, PM if you want to chat. Im a chatty person

Thanks for taking the time to read. I greatly appreciate if you have read this far.

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