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Hm. I hate this part. I tend to leave it blank. What to say? Well my name is Sue. I live in the middle USA with my husband and sons. I'm a writer by trade (though none have been published) and tend to write more romance stories than anything else. I hate writing action, even though I force myself, which is why you won't necessarily find my work listed as 'action'...

I've been told that my writing is decent. I don't really believe the hype. I can't see that much about my writing that is 'different' or special, but I do try. For those of you who read my work, then you have my heartfelt gratitude, whether you leave a review or not.

As a general note, I do read my reviews. I do think about what people have to say about my writing. That doesn't mean I'll take someone's advice. That also doesn't mean that I'll deviate from my preset plot. It does mean that I care about the people who read my work and who take the time to let me know they're reading. I don't get paid for writing fanfictions. I don't want to be. They are and always have been completely a labor of love for me.

It's been over twelve years, and in those twelve years, I've learned a great many things: some bad, but mostly good about human nature. Of course there are going to be some who seem to derive great joy out of trying to tear someone else down for whatever reason. I've seen the pack mentality snowball into massive proportions, always with accusations that are not ever really backed in fact. I've seen all that, been through all that, and I never spoke out about it. Why? What's the point? There isn't one; not really. That aside, I've also come to know the good of people and of their hearts. I've had people who have reached out to me, touched me, pulled me back when I've felt as though there just wasn't any point in trying. Those are the ones who I keep in my heart and who give me the determination to continue when I don't even know if I can, and for every hurtful thing that's ever been said about me, there are so many more who have taken a moment to let me know that they do appreciate my efforts, such as they are. I love every single one of you because you give me heart, restore my passion.

It's true, I'm not the same person I was twelve years ago when I posted the first chapter of a fic called Purity. I made this promise to myself: I've been able to distance myself from the overwhelming stuff that happened so long ago, and I've been able to gain a new perspective on it all. There will be no more griping about things that bother me because it doesn't serve a purpose. Instead, I will just quietly block users who flame or bash for no good reason except because that they can do it. My writing is entirely subjective, and I like it that way. Either you like it or you don't, and that's fine, too. I pick up stuff all the time to read, only to find I don't like it. I don't go flame someone for it. I just quietly put it down and walk away from it. Lesson learned. So... to that end, I am going to resume posting because I WANT to. It makes me happy that some people do like the stories, and really, that's enough for me. I just finished the end of Purity Redux: Vivication, and now I'm on to the story I really never thought I'd write, mostly because it simply didn't have a "story" per se ... Anyway, back to the roots, sort of. Feel free to look up Purity Zero (ermehgerd!) on MMorg or Ao3 ...

This is a link to the BETA email account. Please note: I do not check this email. If there is something the betas think I should read, they forward it to me.

Feel free to join us on the message boards!

Sueric's Fanfictions Forum

LEMONS ARE LISTED ON MEDIAMINER AND ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN. HERE ARE THE LINKS FOR MY FICS. NOTE: You have to either be logged in or adjust the search function to include X rated fics or you will not see them by default. If you have trouble staying logged into Media Miner, try logging in, then hold down the CTRL button and hit REFRESH. This works to reload the page while ignoring the cached memory of your internet browser. This trick works well to view new reviews, to show you as being logged in to review, and to show new chapters that aren't showing up, too.

Media Miner Stories List (lemons hosted here)

Archive of Our Own (Lemons hosted here without posted warnings) Here you can load the entire story and download the completed thing in whatever format you choose--Highly suggested for the Purity re-write as well as Metamorphosis and Chronicles, since I've never put them into PDF format myself)

My website set up to archive fictions as well as fanarts. Now available, all completed Purities in PDF format for free download:

Sueric's Fanfictions

You can find my original stories for purchase here . . . .

Sueric's Originals

The fics:

Stories available in PDF format are linked directly to my website.

-The Guardian Only available on my website in PDF format. Complete

Purity Complete. For the most recent mass-edited version, go to Ao3 to download in whatever format you choose.

-Enervate: Complete. Oneshot. Story of the prince and the woman in the moon. Posted under pseudonym.

-Purity Oneshot: The Most Formidable Foe Complete

-Out of Time Complete

-Torrent Complete

Chronicles Complete

-Chronicles One Shots, including InuYasha's Birthday and A Chronicles Christmas Complete

Metamorphosis Complete

-Metamorphosis 2: Legacies Current project; continuation/sequel

-Purity One Shots Current Project Continuation/Sequel

Purity 2: Defiance Complete 3/9/05

Purity 3: Forever Complete 5/29/05

-Purity 4: Justification Completed; Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer. PDF available on website.

-Purity: Revolution Completed; One-shot can be read on Mediaminer or downloaded from my website in PDF format. Purity 4 Prequel

-Purity Onehot: A Very Purity Christmas Complete

-Purity Oneshot: Guerilla Warfare Complete

-Purity 5: Phantasm Complete 4/21/2006. Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer. PDF available on website.

-Purity 6: Shameless Complete 7/14/2006. Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer. PDF available on website.

-A Purity Short: The Fairy Tale Complete 8/26/2006. Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer. PDF available on website.

-Purity 7: Avouchment Complete 4/27/2008. Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer. PDF available on website.

-Purity 8: Vendetta Complete 9/1/2008. Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer. PDF available on website.

-Purity 9: Subterfuge Complete 7/17/2015. Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer or A03. PDF and other formats available on AO3.

-Purity 10: Anomaly Current project. Hiatus.

-Purity Oneshot: Potentate Complete. Can be read in its entirety on Mediaminer.

-Purity Redux: Fruition Complete.

-Purity Redux: Metempsychosis Complete.

-Purity Redux: Vivication Complete 6/29/2018.

-Purity Redux: Anhanguera Future/current project.

-Purity Zero Current project.

Desideratum Current Project.

The Quest for the Second Bath Complete

-Mortality Complete; Can be read in it's entirety on Media Miner or my website.

-Denotes fics only hosted on Media Miner in whole or in part. Completed fics available in PDF format from my website are linked to the pages where the PDFs are housed. Incomplete fictions or fictions not yet PDF'ed are linked to Media Miner where the lemon chapters are housed.

Note: As Purity was started well before the manga scroll Wind, I have decided to leave the fic as is. Quite frankly, I was shocked and stunned at that scroll, and this is my way of honoring a character that really should have lived on.

I hope you enjoy, and my betas love to hear feedback on the progression of the stories ...

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