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Sup everyone!

I am here to read fanfictions and give constructive criticism, but I might drop few fanfics here as well. There's always that 1% chance...

I like:

Drifting (it's motorsport, and it's awesome - go look it up!) Street racing Car livery designing (Forza and NFS) Car photography (again, Forza and NFS) Twokinds webcomic Gaming How To Train Your Dragon Anime

My favorite car:

BMW M3 E46 CSL Nissan GTR R32 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR Subaru Impreza STi (blobeye one) Toyota Supra MK4


My Deviantart account: LINK My Xbox 360/One Gamertag: LINK My Crew's Facebook page: LINK

And just to clarify: I am NOT a furry. Liking Twokinds does not count as furry.

I might not comment and fave on all of the stories I read, so don't discontinue it ;)
And if I comment it, then I think it's a good one. And believe me, after reading at least fanfic every day for 3 years (it's 2018 now) You would know good fanfics ;)
Keep in mind that I have my favorite fanfic themes in certain movies, comics etc. so I might not look into fanfics that do not contain any of them...

I think that's all about me!

Enjoy Your day!

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