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yea! i'm writing again! or not...


first, a little warning : if i decide myself to writte, it will be a majority of femslash fics.
don't like it, don't read it!

good, now that's say, i have another little warning:
i'm not english, so any beta-readers with a little time free would be very welcome.

it made some time now that i have idea of fics, so i decided that registering was a good first start. because i found that i have trouble writting. be patient, i'm almost enough motivated to begin.

favourites animes : noir, sailor moon, evangelion, el hazard, utena.
i like too harry potter, farscape, voyager and stargate.

favourites pairing :
OMG : keichi/belldandy ; mara/urd.
noir : mireille/kirika.
SM : pluto/f ; rei/usagi ; amy/makoto ; artemis/luna.
utena : juri/f.
ranma : kuno/nabiki ; nabiki/f.
gargoyle : demona/f.
voy : janeway/7.
sg1 : sam/janet.
hp: HG/SS ; MM/AD ; MM/HG.

well, if you read all that, you'll know now that i'm a little weird... and that i need a lot of cheering.
so readers, please leave a little review, even a little " it was good or crap. point."
if you don't, and here i'm talking especially for the flammers, i won't continue, promise!

p.s. my favourites stories and authors are not empty (nor full); look at them!

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