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I always liked stories it gives you your imagination a new outlook on things you might not even considered. I understand that everyone is different as people are people, and people like different things.

Things I follow: "Respect everyone equally, no matter what as you don't understand that persons situation, or life.

The best revenge is well, not doing it when you can do it.

When you fall, you can pick yourself up, and continue on. however it is easier with trustworthy friends to help you.

Trust people on thier actions, and understandings of others. Understanding relfects understanding, conflict reflects conflict.

Be unique, be yourself, and always be honest with yourself.

You have control in how you act, always.

Don't take the easy path, for it is a one track mind.

take the path of understanding, for you begin to appreciate the other things.

Don't put the blame on others, when you do something horrible.

People who don't listen, don't understand others.

For me though, trust in understanding one another, but don't lie about anything.

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