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I am 28 years old, and I write fanfiction stories of my favorite TV show Emergency. I work hard, and put a lot of time, and effort into writing my stories. I love writing stories for Emergency. They are from my point of view, and I make up my own storyline to go with my stories. I also write Fanfiction stories for Criminal Minds,Bonanza,Gunsmoke,and Harry Potter. Each story that I write is different,and I put my own twists,and turns in the stories that I do write. It takes time for me to write a good quality story that I can be proud of. I am also currently working on writing a Fanfiction story for Titanic as well.

I work hard at writing my stories,and I put everything that I have writing wise into writing these stories. I put all of my writing skills into writing these stories. I'm a very dedicated,and hard working writer. I am dedicated into writing these stories.

My stories are being rewritten. I will update my stories as I rewrite them. I will post my stories after they have been rewritten.

I've got some new stories that I am in the process of writing.

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