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Currently, I am working on original works and won't be updating my stories. I'll be putting them on haiatus, but I am going to continue you being a Beta Reader and an Editor. PM if you wish for me to check out your stories.


FanFiction - Aqua Lilly

AO3 - Aqua_Lilly

Wattpad - Aqua_Lilly


What is Malice? - Malice; complete; no featured OC

Red is a Pretty Color - Hunter x Hunter; incomplete; featured OC: Mai Yume

Red is the Color of Fate - Shingeki no Kyojin; incomplete; featured OC: Mai Yume

Possible Stories to Come

Your New Teacher - Kuroshitsuji; featured OC: Christian Dyball

Let's All Go On a Little Adventure, Shall We? - Chronicles of Narnia; features Christian Dyball

(Undecided) - Ouran High School Host Club; features OC: undecided

Please note

I welcome constructive criticism and flames. If you find something wrong in my story, review or PM me your concerns. I need you as the readers to help make these stories enjoyable.

Well, that's all for now. Please READ, REVIEW, FOLLOW, and FAVORITE!!


If any of you have drawn any fan art for any of my stories, I would love to see it. If you send it in, I will feature it in the story on my AO3 account.

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