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I am Jayim Duinara; I'm not going to give my real name out on the Internet.

You may or may not be able to tell from my pen name, but I am a guy.

I was born in 1985.

My writing is primarily for my own enjoyment; secondarily for my readers' enjoyment.

If you wish to know what my favorite fandoms are, or what writing styles I prefer, take a look at my favorites list; I only put stories on there that I truly like and have read multiple times.

As far as my own writing goes, I'm afraid that I write very, very slowly and easily lose my inspiration. Writing is exhausting. However, here are a few of the story ideas that I have languishing in a folder:

Untitled Stargate SG-1: Daniel has lost too many friends. When he sees Sam's grief over shooting Martouf, it pushes him over the edge. He takes the symbiote, Lantash. Now, with Martouf's body, a broken down scout ship, and an old friend of Lantash, they are racing against time to find a sarcophagus before the SGC, the NID, the Tok'ra, and the Goa'uld can catch them.

Untitled Stargate SG-1: The SGC is contacted by a Goa'uld with a very young host, and is presented with a bizarre proposal; in exchange for a private meeting with Dr. Daniel Jackson, he will present the SGC an opportunity to acquire a technological windfall: a Goa'uld mothership. Frustration soars on both sides when questions go unanswered. Why does he call for Dr. Jackson by name, and where did he get his inside knowledge of the SGC and Earth? What will he do with the strangely personal information he seeks, and what is the cause of his desperation? Why does the Goa'uld refuse to identify himself?

Harry and the Goa'uld: Before the magic castle, before the wonders of the alley, before the shack on the sea or the owl-born letters, there was a simple school field trip to a museum. And after a terrible accident there, Harry, locked in his cupboard, discovers that he is no longer alone. And everything changes.

Untitled Lord of the Rings timetravel: On the cracks of Doom, Frodo claims the ring and neither Gollum nor Sam are there to stop him. In his despair, he unthinkingly makes a terrible demand of the Ring as he meets his end...

Untitled Star Wars: Does a being a good Jedi equal being a good man? Mace Windu must wrestle with this question as he deals with two very different Padawans: one coldly perfect, the other a passionate disgrace. Balancing long held doctrine with real world morality, he must come to grips with the true meaning of caring and sacrifice.

My WorldView

My beliefs, as any writer's beliefs, greatly influence what I write and how I write it. I am quite open about the fact that I am a Christian. As 'Christian' seems to be a rather loose term nowadays, let me be more specific.

I am a Disciple of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ). I take as axiomatic that the Bible (the sixty-six books that most protestant denominations consider to be 'Canon') is inerrant (without error) in the original manuscripts. I believe that the manuscripts today have been copied from the originals well enough that whatever error may have been introduced is negligible. I completely base my world-view on the Bible and its contents.

I don't want to use the term Biblical Literalist, because some wiseacre is going to shoot back at me: "well then you must believe that God has feathers!" (In one of the Psalms, the writer is speaking of God and says "under his wings will I trust"). Please, don't try so hard to smear me that you make yourself look like an idiot. Just because I take the Bible seriously and at face value, doesn't mean that I don't allow for figures of speech.

And to all of you skeptics out there, no I am not automatically an idiot or moron for believing these things. My last IQ test, I had a score of 136. At college I had a 3.9 grade average. If you wonder WHY I believe what I do, go ahead and email or message me.

Because I can relate to characters the best if they share my worldview, most of my characters will share it, or come to share it during the story. If this offends you, I'm sorry and curious as to why. It doesn't offend me to read about characters who hold an Atheistic or Agnostic worldview, I don't see why a Biblical worldview is material for flames...

Happy Reading,
Jayim Duinara

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