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Hi everyone. Currently i have three fanfics for you to read. My very first and now complete story is called Dragon Ball Melody, a crossover of the OG Dragon Ball and Mermaid melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, hence the name. I'm a huge fan of the Dragon ball series and i also read Mermaid Melody manga and watched its anime, which i found quite interesting when i was a child and i found the main protagonist Lucia to be so endearing.

I'm also a fan of the Highschool DxD and Darksiders series, hence why i write the second crossover story called Darksiders DXD. Darksiders games, the first, second and third game along with Genesis, are one of my most favorite games i ever played and so many imaginations flooded when this crossover came to mind.

(Also, the spanish speaking community can read the spanish version of Darksiders DXD on Wattpad platform, translated by FakerDarkSouls.)

My third and latest crossover in roster thus far is A Grim Duel, a single chapter crossover of OG Dragon Ball and Berserk, revolving around a duel between Goku and Zodd the Immortal.

If you are a fan of these franchises, make sure to check them out, hope you enjoy them as much as i did writing them :)

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