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Hello people of this world.

I would like to set up some rules for 'certain' people

Don't curse me out if I say or write something you don't like. if you call me out I'll call you out. Don't be a a* to me or others that like me if you don't like yaoi im sorry. if you don't like the fact I don't write Yuri,im sorry about that too be nice and review

This is for people who like me

I like you too. you are wonderful if you review I'll get back at ya I will write fics for you and your oc. I can recommend you. I'll update whenever I can don't worry I'll continue a fic if a lot of people suggest I do. for now on ill have messages for you(readers) in the very beginning of my story to help you get through the day or a little poem or maybe a shout out if you ask me.

I would like to give a heart felt thanks to a special author of mine, Spunky0ne for encouraging me and my stories. i did not believe i would last long here but her reviews and kind words have boosted my esteem here on fanfiction net.

all of the authors above are very awesome i recommend them:


December Sapphire


Lovely Little Dove


Red Cr0w

Solitary Knight





Yaoi flame

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