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My name is Janet Smith
Alias Sanala

I like cartoons. Well Arthur and some others.

My favorite musician all time is Prince. Prince Rogers Nelson who wrote, sang, choreographed and produced the movie and every song in "Purple Rain" hes a superstar

Hes gone back to his Jehovah's witness roots and no longer sings his older music.

I love his songs

"Purple rain" duh xx "Raspberry beret The beautiful ones

Yeah I like this story I am writing.

I like BusterXKate or Bate?

Kate is sweet. Thats good...because she has a horrid older sister who will most likely bully and tease her with her on/off friends the tibbles. Shes the only female character who I like thats sweet because shes adorable.

Assassinate characters that are not real if you please.
Just don't leave rude reviews on a story you know nothing about

TUC and DASL support the pairing. Whether or not they like the way the story is written is up to them.
If no one likes it, Ill continue it anyway because I care not for reviews but I dislike that my review page has become an argument section with "Guest" reviews being nothing but shitty people with no user names mocking my idea. How about you give me some constructive criticism?

FYI, I know who you ARE, "Guest" "Guests"

Arthur pairings.

Francine x Arthur Molly x Arthur Arthur x Fern Arthur x an OC

Buster pairings.

I like Kate x Buster, they're my two favorite characters in the show.

Sue Ellen x Buster Buster x George Buster x Francine Buster x Fern

One of the best episodes is when Brain realizes what its like to be in a wheelchair

Francine Pairings

Arthur x Francine George x Francine Buster x Francine.Brain Pairings. Brain x Lydia Fox Brain x Fern

I wont read incest or pets x character stories example Muffy x Killer yuk. Pedophilia should not even be on here but its horrendous and is sadly. No I do not condone or even want to look at it.

The wind...

I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul, where I'll end up, well I think only God really knows. Ive sat upon tje setting sun but never never never, I never wanted water once no never never never

I listen to my words, but the fall far below. I let my music take me where my heart wants to go. Ive swam across the devils lake but never never never, I'll NEVER make the same mistake no never never never

Cat Stevens..,.

Where do the children play is a wonderfully meaningful song. About wars, technology and no matter how far our world expands and grows, where do the children play? Where does the grass grow and where do the rivers flow.


I will one day finish the BATE story if the hatefilled reviews end. Its not so much the reviews themselves but the backlash so...ideally what is the point?

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