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I will try to respond to as many of my reviews or messages as I can, but keep in mind that though I will accept both praise and criticism, I will not allow senseless profanities or insults.

Omnibus rebus bonis finis est*

Personal favorite fanfictions and favorite fanfiction authors-
-Midoriko-sama and her 'Lif√ěrasir' story arc.
--Foxy's Girl and her 'Thunderstorms' story arc.
--CCougar42709 and her story 'Flaming Rebellion'.
--Nkari127's story 'Knowledge is Power' *It is discontinued, but demiwitch98 is continuing it in her story 'Rising to Power'*
--The Crimson Lord and his story 'Deprived'.

I am currently working on two different fanfictions of my own, though I will not post unless they are completely finished, so as to prevent disappointment if I were to run out of ideas on how to continue the story. They are in the Harry Potter fandom.

Also, all of my stories will be rated M, this is not because I am a perverted weirdo, or because all of my stories will have sex in them, but the M rating allows more mature topics to be discussed. If you do not enjoy M Rated Fanfictions, then that is perfectly fine, I will not be offended... However, if you badmouth me in a review or PM because you think that I am some sort of sexual predator, I will not take it lightly.

More info on me-

Age: 16
Grade: 11th
Race: Caucasian
Sex: Male

NOTE: If anyone notices any grammatical or spelling errors in my works, PLEASE inform me. The fewer mistakes, the smoother the readers' experience!

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