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Hi everyone! I'm Maddy R. I'm sort of new to all this, but I hope that you'll enjoy my stories anyway. I write just about anything I think of, not restricted by fandoms. There are plenty of things I haven't tried yet, but if you've read my stuff and like my style, you can encourage me to write something for one of your favorite series, books, tv shows, whatever else. I, honestly, could use the support and ideas. So, thanks for reading!

A few facts about me, my birthday is August 25, (I'm not giving you the year!), I'm a girl, if you couldn't tell from my name, I live in the Midwest. Okay that's it!

Um, I also think that disclaimers are a completely ridiculous idea, considering that this is FANFICTION, but just to be safe, here's a general disclaimer for all my stories: if you recognize it, I don't own it. And if i ever use any songs or whatever in my stories, and say that a character wrote it, I guarantee you, I DO NOT OWN IT, it's something that I heard and liked, and/or thought would go well with the story. Kudos to those who can recognize the songs that I use, when or if I use any. On a different note, most of my stories are OC centric, but I promise: although they typically take place in the third person or from the POV of the OC involved, the real characters do not lack involvement in the story. I just write like that because it has to be written from inside the head of somebody that I understand all the points of, rather than a real character who I don't know as well. I promise, despite however many OCs I use, these stories are still worth reading! Hopefully all of them. So, thanks for reading, and enjoy the fanfiction. Oh wait, I almost forgot! Read the next part, then you can go.

IMPORTANT! I AM COMPLETELY REVIEW POWERED, IF YOU DO NOT REVIEW I WILL NOT WRITE! Not getting reviews is like, to quote a friend's PM, yelling into the void. I know you enjoy getting reviews, and so do I! So, I always take just a few seconds to leave one, even I'd it's just a "great story" or a "that stunk". It's not that hard! Still think it's not worth the trouble? Okay, take a second to think about how you feel when you don't get any reviews. Yeah, that's the feeling. Now, think about how much you enjoy getting reviews. See the difference? Now consider: reviewing is easy. You complain to your readers and/or friends when you don't get any. So why the heck don't you ever leave any? You get a review for every chapter someone posts, it's not like you'll run out of reviews! So, if you like my stories and want more of one or more, send a review or two, or send a PM to rush me along. I promise, it works!

So, if you read my stories, and review so you can complain to me about something that I have in here, I will PM you with the simple words, "Go to my Profile, and read my bio. There, all shall be explained."

My OC:


My main character in everything. If you don't like OCs, either get over it or leave now, because she's in (mostly, so far) everything I write.

Her age varies in the fics, as does her description (since people change as they grow, and these fics display her whole timeline).

Half angel (on her father's side), grew up in small town called Avaron... you know what? For best description, read a chapter of so of all the stories, I won't even try to explain.

Enjoy the stories!

Oh! And one more thing: every single story is part of an AU. I call it the Hunterverse. This just means that they all take place as an event in a set timeline, but! I'm not writing them in order, necessarily. So if you're reading and something doesn't seem to match up with something else you've read, it means you are either farther along in the timestream of the Hunterverse, or closer to the beginning of our story. Don't worry, it will all make sense in time... when I've caught up writing down my headcanon (it's all actually a daydream that I started three or four years ago and never stopped, how's that for a headcanon?), I'll go through and number them (or something. Maybe I won't. I don't even know!). Anyway, now I'm done.

For real this time!

Seriously, why are you still here?

... Really? You're still reading this?

Alright already, go read the stinking stories!

UPDATE (6/13):

Hey everyone. If you are here looking for a story you think I wrote, and you don't find it, that's because I decided that my stories are a lot better in my head than on paper - or on screen, as it were. Sorry. Maybe you'll be able to find another cool OC to fill your time. Thanks for reading this update,


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