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"SOULMATES" UPDATE 08/20/2020: "Soulmates" will be on hiatus for a while longer, perhaps until January. I promise that this story isn't being abandoned, but between writer's block and trying to figure out how to be a new parent, I find myself unable to focus on this fiction at the moment. I will be back...eventually!

In the meantime, the joint "Labyrinth" story that Mystical Grace and I've been working on, An Absence of Stars is now posted. We only have a few chapters up currently due to our schedules needing to overlap to edit and write, but it's certainly a good beginning.

The very talented fire-lemur graciously took up the task of making "Soulmates" a proper cover. This beautiful piece is based upon a scene from Ch.22. To view a large version of the artist's impressive work, please visit (without the *s): https:/*/imgur.*com/*E76R2tu

If you're interested in more of her artwork or requesting a commission, I highly recommend checking out her professional portfolio at: https:/*/starcarrot.*com

Soulmates: This story is going to be an epic slow-burn, which has also developed into more Drama/Adventure/Romance. It will be a ride. It will take time. This fan fiction is slated to be 5 parts composed of approximately 60-80 chapters, depending on how much action I cram into each. (The idea is to avoid causing reader overload. :) )I'm committed to finishing this story. At first, it was just for myself, something I had to prove to me alone. As things have progressed and others invested their interest and time, it also became for them. And so, for my friends and the readers enjoying this story, onward!

Please check out some fan art for the "Soulmates" done by the awesome Aefrae. These were created a few years back, but I still find them to be excellent pieces of art. *cuddles them*

Melusine Dinair (all without the *s): https:/*/aefrae.deviantart.*com/*art/*Melusine-Dinair-29949597

Merle and Daar: https:/*/aefrae.deviantart.*com/*art/*Merle-and-Daar-34114234

Van and Hitomi: https:/*/aefrae.deviantart.*com/*art/*Van-and-Hitomi-for-Soulmates-29863505

Welcome! :)

Thank you very much for stopping by! I go by the pen name Meghanna Starsong. I enjoy writing fan fiction and drawing fan art based off of anime or manga that I really resonate with. These stories are a bit dated, since I tend to like anime from the 90's and early 2000's the best. To name a few of my top favorites:

Escaflowne (series and movie)/ Laputa: Castle in the Sky/ Mononoke Hime/ Howl's Moving Castle/ Spirited Away/ Kiki's Delivery Service/ Grave of the Fireflies/ The Secret World of Arrietty/ The Wind Rises/ When Marnie Was There/ My Neighbor Totoro/ Whispers of the Heart/ Fushigi Yuugi/ Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden/ Ayashi no Ceres/ Yu Yu Hakusho/ x/1999/ Magic Knight Rayearth/ Claymore/ Please Save My Earth (Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte)/ The Garden of Words/ Gundam Wing/ G Gundam Mobile Fighter/ Hana Yori Dango/ Jinroh/ RahXephon/ Emma: A Victorian Romance/ Blue Submarine 6/ Outlaw Star/ Bleach/ Wings of Honneamise/ Sailor Moon/ Tenchi Muyo/ InuYasha/ Earth Girl Arjuna/ Unico/ Zatch (Gash) Bell/ Origins: Giniro no Kami no Agito/ Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)/ Ookami Kodomo Yuuki to Ame (Wolf Children)/ Ao Haru Ride/ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi/ Junjyou Romantica/ Yuri on Ice/ Parasyte/ Devilman (old one)/ Forest of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Mori e)/ Curse of the Yoma/ / Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi/ Tokyo Ghoul/ Persona 5 and many more.

I'm also a huge admirer of Jim Henson's Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. For other animations, I enjoyed Coraline, Gargoyles, The Corpse Bride, Kubo, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Moana, Frozen, Mulan, Wreck-It Ralph, ZOOTOPIA (lol!).

Bookwise, I am enthralled by Tanith Lee, Tamora Pierce, L.J. Smith, Mercedes Lackey, Madeleine L'Engle, Kristen Britain, ect. (If I'm not careful, I'll ramble on and on about books. And...I will definitely not put you through that. :D)

Feel free to check out my (amateur) fan art and original drawings on Deviantart under Meghanna-Starsong.

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