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Dear Fans of How to train your dragon, Adventure time, Digimon, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Thomas and Friends, Kingdom Hearts, Monster High, Transformers/Beast Wars, Ever After High, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Maximum Ride, Dinosaur Train, Skylanders, Wild Kratts, Legends of Chima and RWBY.

I'm just someone who has a lot of fanfiction story and crossover fanfiction ideas. I recently couldn't stand it holding them back anymore. I decided to go on and become a author on The reason I'm giving you these ideas is because I can't write great stories like others on here. I also want to first review them before you publish them because I want to make sure there good enough. Another reason I want you to write my ideas into stories because I don't think I could get the character's personalities right. I also have ideas for fanfictions for Dinosaurs to be sent to another world to save them from extinction(I got the idea from the story, "My Little Pony: The Age of Dinosaurs", on Fimfiction). I've been thinking of things to let those who write How to train your Dragon and Dinosaur Train fics to watch this documentery that was on Animal Planet called Dragons, A Fantasy Made Real on Youtube (its in ten parts). For those who write How to train your dragon (Httyd) fics, you could make a story where the teens (some of you can choose to have the ages before or after Httyd 2 if you want) encounter the Mountain Dragon, Forest Dragon, and/or Marine Dragon. For those who write Dinosaur Train fics, some of you could have the Prehistoric Dragon in them. I don't want to complain to anyone, but why hasn't anyone made and/or written a single Kingdom Hearts and Legends of Chima crossover fic yet? I have some great ideas for one and its sequals. For those of you who like fics or stories where the characters of the series I listed are turned into animals, I've wanted to tell you authors that I would personally like for the characters of the series I listed to be turned into the animals that represent each of their own personalities. I will give you a list of my ideas and list of animals for each of the series I've listed in the next update.

RWBY Characters: http:///tagged/rwby-animals

Edit: Lost interest in some of this.

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