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Story Updates:

Current Stories:

Alpha's Heir- On hiatus at the moment. It is currently up to date, so any chapters going forward are brandy-new! Spheres of Influence- Technically on hiatus as well, though I am finding my muse for it slowly. Still no update schedule, though I plan on working on it more soon. I have some commissions that I am finishing first, but then I should come back to this No Odder Than Usual- Updates Thursdays! This is a 1/2 Prince story that I am collaborating on with my sister Xiao Xiao Mei. It focuses not on the main characters from 1/2 Prince, but instead on our own wacky players and adventures. Please pop on over to Xiao Xiao Mei's profile to read our story! Comments and messages greatly appreciated! :D (Not to mention, we encourage them for interacting with our characters. Feel free to ask them embarrassing personal questions! They are forced to answer all of them!) Tales of Tails- A collection of HTTYD themed short stories. They were all mostly written for contests on the School of Dragons site, but they have stand-alone appeal as well. Suggested to read in order, as some build on each other. Some involve horror. This will be updated infrequently and will say "in progress" indefinitely, or until I get too tired of SoD to bother entering any competitions there anymore.

Finished Stories:

Couldn't Change Me- This was a quick one-shot about an old Harvest Moon: Magical Melody file that I hadn't played with in years. It will stay as simply the one chapter it is. Sorry to disappoint any who were looking for more on the subject.

Future Stories:

Lasrever- This will most likely be my first Marvel story. It will be focusing on a gadget that was in the collector's vault that turns anyone with any sort of influence or power into animals. Don't judge it. It is much more fun than it sounds on paper. I will most likely offer polls or questions about cameos and forms. *on hiatus* Dualocked- The next story in my line-up! I am currently in a cooperative/competitive Nuzlocke with my brother that we are calling a Dualocke. It is my first playthrough of AlphaSapphire, and his first run through of OmegaRuby. This story will mirror what happens to us, with a few extra story elements thrown in. The Parallel Falchion Theory- So, now my interests include Fire Emblem: Awakening! For my graduation, a good friend gave me this game as a gift. I am on my second version of my first run through (I started a file on a borrowed game, and now am restarting on my new game), and am recording everything so that I can make this a reality! Not sure when it will be released. Gemology- And my love of Steven U. grows! I am really considering this one as well, but I don't want to work on it with so many other in-progress stories. I would like to finish Spheres of Influence first, and so that may compel me to finish that story faster (yay for you readers!) just to get to this one- specifically before any other episodes air to ruin my theories. I2n49c)@8uM,#D_9kK5=rd!~- Um, it seems a random coding glitch has cropped up. I'm just going to let it be. Hopefully nothing will come of it.

Current Life Updates: Of course, my schedule is always weird. I actually was the winner of a small writing contest, with the prize being that I am now a chosen author for another writing project. So, I am currently working on that, and so am not working on my almost finished chapter of Spheres of Influence. But yes, that is next. It is coming soon. Promise! Also, with that being almost finished, you can most likely plan on seeing the first chapters of various other stories starting to crop up. They will not go any further than that for quite some time, but it should be enough to give you the idea of what I plan to do with them.

Profile Info Stuff: Yello! My name is Grinning Wolf 24, though I am also called Wolfy, Wolfrin, and Frostfire Markson depending on where you know me from. I love writing inside of pre-existing worlds without redoing storylines. So, I am not one of those authors who goes around shoving my OC into an already existing story line. (No offense to anyone who enjoys that, though. I just don't enjoy that.) I adore writing about continuations of storylines, OCs and other places within worlds, underused side characters, and random twists of ideas (like gijinka pokemon). I started writing on gaming forums before several good friends said that I should move my work here. :) I enjoy seeing the progression of good, strong, relate-able characters as well as an in-depth plot that can take you by surprise with its twisting path. My love of stories leads me to write and imagine all types of different tales, often more than I can handle all at once.

My philosophy on writing is: If you are thinking of it, do it! Write while the inspiration is there! So.. I will most likely be starting many projects that I don't finish for a very long time. I also tend to overshoot my abilities and create things that I can't feasibly finish (pretty much all my works tend to stretch out into novels... :P) So, there is your warning. Please have a little patience and don't send me too much hate mail.

I love to chat, so feel free to send me notes, or to leave reviews on my works. :) Even if I don't get back write away (hah, puns) I will get to it at some point. I'm just around whenever the wind blows write (XD) or when I am procrastinating on something else. So, see you around! Stay amazing you fellow authors and readers! :D

-Grinning Wolf 24

Favorite Franchises:

Marvel ( plus Hellboy, Rorschach, and The Green Hornet) How To Train Your Dragon Harvest Moon Pokemon Castle Pirates of the Caribbean 1/2 Prince Grimm Steven Universe Fire Emblem: Awakening Trigun Trinity Blood The Librarians (The Librarian) Rurouni Kenshin X/oVer-S?
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