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Hi, I am Kim and I like to think that I am a part of the Blythe family, this is why my username on this site is Kim Blythe ! I was born in Montreal, from haitian parents. I have a twin sister. When we were three years old, my mom separated from our dad and moved back with us to her home country, Haïti ! Yes, you heard it right, Haïti, not Tahiti or Hawaï, Haïti as in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, right across from the Republican Dominican. Our little island is surrounded by the sea ! We only have two seasons here, summer and rain. We never have snow or really to, to cold temperatures. Imaging wearing a little summer dress as a Christmas outfit for this holiday, yeah, these are the kind of weather we always have !

If you still don't know of which country I am talking of, think of the earthquake that had happened in Haïti on the 12 of January 2010...

A long time ago, I was once a part of the forum under the username Msya Blythe ! Back then, I used to write a fanfic about Anne and Gilbert being ballet dancers, where Anne had hit Gilbert's head with her pointed shoe... I don't even remember the name of this fanfic... Back then, my english was so bad, I mean, really bad, I think I used to write when I wanted to say ''you know'' like that ''you no'' and ''Inglish'' instead of ''English'' and some other bad and shameful mistakes...

The reason for my being and still being bad at english is because my first language is french. The only thing I read in english are the fan fictions in here. The books I am reading are in french, because i feel more comfortable and more at ease with the french...

But, I do hope that my english have improved so much more because I do plan on writing a sequel to my first fanfic : Good things comes to those who wait ! But I do not know yet when I will start posting the first chapter of this new story...

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