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Name : Um... Bob?

Gender : Male

My favourite Fanfiction & parings :

Assassin's creed :

Edward K. & Mary R.

Avatar :

Jake S. & Neytiri

Avengers :

Hulk/Bruce B. & Natasha R.

Hulk/Bruce B. & Darcy L.

Spiderman/Peter P. & She-Hulk/Jennifer W.

Spiderman/Peter P. & Ms. Marvel/Carol D.

Batman :

Bruce W./Batman & Harley Q.

Bruce W./Batman & Poison Ivy

Bruce W./Batman & Selina K./Catwoman

Bruce W./Batman & Barbara G./Batgirl

Batman beyond :

Terry M. & Maxine G.

Big hero 6 :

Hiro Hamada & GoGo Tomago

Black Lagoon :

Rock & Revy

Bleach :

Ichigo K. & Rukia K.

Ichigo K. & Suì-Fēng

Ichigo K. & Tatsuki A.

Ichigo K. & Yoruichi

Chuck :

Chuck B. & Sarah W.

Guardians of the Galaxy :

Peter Quill/Star-Lord & Gamora

Harry potter storys :

(I will never like Ginny&Harry paring, in my opinion it didn't feel right, it felt forced like JKR put them to gether out of convenience.)

Harry Potter & Daphne Greengrass

Harry Potter & Nymphadora (I will hex you if you call me that again) Tonks

Harry Potter & Bellatrix L.

Harry Potter & Luna Lovegood

Harry Potter & Hermione Granger

How to Train Your Dragon :

Hiccup & Astrid

Hiccup & Camicazi

Kim Possible :

Ron S. & Shego

Ron S. & Bonnie R.

Ron S. & Yori

Ron S. & Kim P.

Kingsmen :

G. Unwin/Eggsy & Roxy

Kung fu panda :

Po & Tigress

Marvel Universe :

Hulk/Bruce B. & Natasha R.

Hulk/Bruce B. & Darcy L.

Peter Quill/Star-Lord & Gamora

Spiderman/Peter P. & Ms. Marvel/Carol D.

Spiderman/Peter P. & She-Hulk/Jennifer W.

Spider-Man & Felicia H./Black Cat

Wolverine/Logan/James H. & Rogue/Anna Marie

Charles Xavier/Professor X & Raven/Mystique

Megamind :

Megamind & Roxanne R.

Percy Jackson :

Percy J. & Artemis

Percy J. & Thalia G.

Percy J. & Zoe N.

Percy J. & Annabeth C.

Primeval :

Connor T. & Abby M.

Rise of the guardians :

Jack F. & Tooth

Smallville :

Clark K. & Chloe S.

Clark K. & Lois L.

Clark K. & Tess M.

Clark K. & Tara/Supergirl

Spider-Man :

Spider-Man & Felicia H./Black Cat

Teen titans :

Garfield L./Beast boy & Rachel Roth/Raven

Underworld :

Selene & Michael C.

Wanted :

Fox & Wesley

X-Men :

Wolverine/Logan/James H. & Rogue/Anna Marie

Charles Xavier/Professor X, Raven/Mystique

Young Justice :

Wally W./Kid Flash & Artemis C./Artemis

Zootopoia :

Nick Wilde & Judy Hopps

My thoughts & my personnel experiences :

Can you rebuild a friendship or relationship once trust has been broken?

In my opinion and experience i think it's can be possible but it a long and hard journey it may never be the same but on a very rare occasions you're friendship or relationship can become stronger, this is from my own experience.

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