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I love Crossover fics especially, but I also like Do-over fics too. Most of the crossovers I read are scifi or anime based, and for the do-overs, its HP or Ranma 1/2. But I'll give anything that's long enough (40k words) a try and then look around for links from those authors. So, if you're looking for some short stories, don't follows the links too eagerly.

Out of all my favorite authors, I enjoy a few more than others:

AlbertG: for his B5/ Star Trek crossovers; they helped to inspire me to write mine

Carrotglace (now ContraBardus): I've enjoyed watching him torment Ranma way too much

Verto-Briefs: His insightful DBZ stories brought me to in the first place

Some 'newer' (to me) authors are below:

Emerald Ashes: for humor, you can't go wrong as it's paired with some great deconstruction. See 'Seventh Horcrux', and his new project 'Sasuke Uchiha and the Power of Lies'

Vixen Tail: has some of the most compelling characters and world building that I've seen. They seem to specialize in reincarnation stories, and they're great. Check out 'Deja vs no Jutsu' for a complete story, and 'Russian Roulette' for an in-progress one.

I tend to hang out more often at these days. A bunch of stuff gets done there, so you might want to check it out.

The cover photo for the new version of Eighth Fleet is creative commons licensed from here: /photos/heilemann/2139523114

Story Notes - Last Update: 2017-07-13 Previous Update 2012-06-13

Haha, as many authors wind up claiming one thing and doing another - no rewrite has happened. I got sucked into so many other things. I can honestly say that updates are not currently planned for my stories right now. My writing recently has gone towards other areas, like LARP writing instead. I still like reading things though, but a larger number of the good fics are on the SpaceBattles forums.

Previous Update:

So yeah... Over two years later, I’ve decided to update Eighth Fleet via a rewrite. You’ll find that below. I’ve kept the old version around, and posted a rewrite warning as the final chapter there. I should be able to plow through the content I already had and make some changes, but less is going to change than I initially thought. I hope you enjoy!

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