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Sooo... I'm a bit new to this, and I'm a bit uncomfortable talking about myself in the internet. Here it goes...

Nevermind. Too weird. I'm very obsessed (?) with the Teen Titans TV show (2003-2006) and I'm not sure if I like the new (2013-??) Teen Titans show. Their plots are a bit too *insert any word associated with the word 'weird'*. Okay, I ship BBRae, Robstar, and Kidflash/Jinx. I don't care who Cyborg gets as long as he's happy. I have many favorite stories, but I don't have a story yet. At least no one is judging my writing abilities.. I am writing a story on paper, but I don't think I will be posting them too soon. Oh well. I'll change my profile as soon as I post a story. (which would be very far from now, MomSchool does not happen to equal Fanfiction)

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