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My image shows what I am currently most interested in

I ship

Ash/Anabel (Pokemon)

Ragna/Nu-13 (Blazblue)

Sieg/Jeanne (Fate/Apocrypha)

Shirou/Artoria (Fate/Stay Night)

I have an idea for a Blazblue AU story, what would happen if Ragna did not just gain the Azure Grimoire, what if he also gained the Crimson Grimoire as well( it is in canon).

The appearance of Godzilla in Thuktun Flishithy Leviathan story is that he looks like a composite of various versions. Basically, take the general size and body shape of the 2019 version, but give him the classic color scheme of the Showa era (charcoal colored body, with white dorsal spines), skin texture similar to the one in FW, and give him facial features more like the version in the 90's (ears, fiery orange eyes, almost mammalian snout).

Godzilla: My teeth are swords, my skin is like armor. My scutes are mountains. My tail brings thunder to the Earth. My breath is hellfire. My strength is immesirable. I am Godzilla, ruler of planet Earth, and i am your death!

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