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S.B. Liky PM
Joined Mar '15

Name: Liky (actually nickname but easier to remember than my full name)

Age: 26, birthday on 18th June

Location: Somewhere far away. Just kidding it's right around that corner

Favorite shows/cartoon/anime: Red vs Blue, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, Z,

Favorite games: Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Anno series.

Reasons for being here: To spread the joy of writing! And read, there's some of that too.

What can be expected of me: If I am to review any fanfiction I will be brutally honest, if I like it I will say so, if there are parts I do not like I will say that as well. In return I expect you to do the same for me. Never forgive my mistakes because by correcting them, both you and me will become better writers.

Favorite quote: What has surprised me more about mankind during great war is not our ability to adjust to new arenas of conflict, but instead, our willingness in victory to so quickly return to the old - cookie for one who recognizes this!

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