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HEY GUYS!! I've been reading fanfics on this websites for years but I've never created a profile up until now. Although I've been commenting on stories with the name of "music&animefreak" without having an actual profile hehee. Sooooo I hope you guys can recognize my pen name now that I finally created a profile. Yay.

I like listening to music, watching anime and reading amazing books. Recently I haven't been watching any new anime since I've been distracted with school and friends. But, I do have a notebook full of anime so I could keep up with what I watch .

Kind of genre I like : I'm a sucker for comedy, I truly love it . Next , would be a tie of action, adventure, and romance . That's why I've been obsessed with fairy tail and Gintama for years . That doesn't mean I haven't been obsessed with other anime too (naruto, bleach , soul eater , hellsing , hitman reborn, Ouran hs etc) :p.


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