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Hello peoples! My name is Wistful Fade, and I like to write about dark stories. At the moment, I'm thinking about writing depressing ones where the Doctor self harms. Of course, usually they are going to have a happy ending, but I haven't written them yet, so they may end up as one-shots. Please note that I am a beginner, so please no flames! I mean seriously, I wrote my first fic yesterday. And posted it.

Interests: Talking with friends, drawing anime cats, Panic! At The Disco, Doctor Who, Netflix binge watching, and passing middle school- hopefully I can balance home life and school life.

EDIT: Apparently I can't, fuck middle school. Barely squeezing by in my Spanish class (80.6). I have a high C in Math. FML.

Fandoms: Doctor Who, Law & Order: SVU, Harry Potter, and the occasional anime. The fandom I am closest to is Doctor Who, since it is my favorite.

Favorite Characters: 10th Doctor (Doctor Who), Remus Lupin (Harry Potter), Rafael Barba (L&O: SVU)

Favorite Music Genre: Pop & Alternative Rock (I have a love for all things Panic! At The Disco)

Favorite Songs: Turn Off The Lights (Panic! At The Disco), C'mon (Panic! At The Disco), & all things Panic!.

Anybody else feel like something's missing?

Isn't anyone listening?

I keep reaching out, but I still can't reach it?

I think I'm gonna lose my spirit,

If they keep on pushing me,

Why can't I just feel free?

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