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Hi there,

A lot of my stories are from years ago and remain unfinished. I'm sorry for that, but life has a tendency to sweep away our inspiration without notice. Many of them I don't even like anymore, as my style has matured as I have matured.

I used to write only Inu-Yasha fan fiction, but my latest project is my first stab into the Yu-Gi-Oh World. Thank you Netflix, for rekindling my obsession with that somewhat cliché but adorable series. Currently this is the only story I am actively working on, as it's proving useful in distracting me from other problems in my life. Healthy, I know right? Right now I'm hoping to find a Beta Reader who can help me write out interesting and unique duels, as I'm not familiar with the card game itself and want to remain true to it.

Not much to say about me, other than I enjoy writing and reading and hope you all get some pleasure from reading my work! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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