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Jennyvre Moss PM
Joined Aug '04

penname was previously eeppoonnaa

i have an account on deviantart: and an account on fictionpress.com under the same penname (Jennyvre Moss)) go check them out

okay...17 years old, live in brisbane, Australia. I have medium length light brown hair, pretty short for my age and i work at donut king

i love reading, horse riding, writing (im writing a story at the moment, but dont know how far its going to go),danicng around crazily, photography, abseiling, canoeing, camping

my fave...

authors: isobelle carmody, tamora pierce, cory daniells, nicole luiken, c.s. lewis (just watched saw the movie and am reading the books again) and my friends weazy, will and renee, but basically give me a book and ill read it

movies: a walk to remember, lotr 1-3, potc, x-men 1&2, the mummy 1&2, shrek, basically all disney movies, spiderman 1&2, narnia

tv shows: stargate sg-1 (haven't seen atlantis yet, but i will get around to that soon), will and grace, the simpsons, gilmore girls, friends, grey's anatomy, house, mcleod's daughters, law and order: SVU

food: baked alaskan, chocolate, mudcake donuts...mmmmm...chinese (sweet and sour pork)

colours: red,blue,purple

songs: im not that fussy, but at the moment i love queen (i loved the musical 'we will rock you'), kelly clarkson, the veronicas and 'listen to your heart'.

TP pairings: alanna/jon, alanna/george, daine/numair, neal/yuki, dom/kel, briar/me :D dom/me (i lovekeldom fanfics, but if anyone pairs someone (with the exception of me)with briar...watch out...he's MINE!...note my penname):D

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