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Who I am: I am what others call quiet, a homebody, possibly even a stone writer. I have a lot of ideas rumbling around, and I write anywhere, any time, whenever I can be it on iPhone or on pencil and paper. I prefer having as much fun as possible while writing, even if it means I have to trash what I have and go another direction with it. I've been writing since some years ago (forget when exactly), when it was reawakened from a part-time writing habit into a full-blown writing habit. (Before those years I was stuck on the downside of writing). I like writing more than reading, and this is something that I thought might be fun to try!

Age: I can't tell this, unfortunately. Sorry.

Writing is... what? To me, writing is an escape from reality. Anybody I don't like that always gives me crap, I put them into my writing as a design for a character that the protagonists can absolutely curse and battle time and time again. I prefer writing stories that are like the basis of movies - like if they made a new Marvel movie or something like that, I might expand into the future a little and do something in that general direction. I'm also exploring the world of anime, and I don't know for now, but I might write something there... I also prefer writing out any stories on pencil and paper before I type them out, so then if I have to I can write an idea down the second it comes. Most of the time that's how all my stories are made; I rarely do my own work as it comes to me - i.e. writing it out on here and then posting it. I rarely do any of that, but if I do, it's most likely a one-shot... most of the time.

Pledges: So far I agree with those below, but I may have to do something else along the lines.

The Free Bird Pledge- (For the fickle writers of FanFiction) I pledge to write whatever my muse allows me, and to use FanFiction to have fun and to get a break. If my story seems hopeless and I do not wish to continue, I will end it so I can start on something new. If I love the story I'm writing, I'll not be afraid to admit it, and I'll continue writing it. I will read if it suits me, and I'll not be afraid to say what I think about a story. I pledge to read only when I want to, and write only when I wish to. I will do what I want, when I want, if I want to. FanFiction, to me, means free.

The Writer's Pledge- (For those who write much more than read) I pledge to write whenever I want, and read whenever I want, although I write more often than read. I will use FanFiction to have fun, and get a break. If what I write I do not like, I will leave it until it suits me again. If what I write I love, I will write it, even if others may judge me because of this. I will try hard to write anything and everything that seems good, and read if it suits me. I will do what I want, when I want, if I want to. FanFiction, to me, means a place to put down my feelings and thoughts, whatever they may be.

The Undefined Pledge- (For those who don't know who they are yet) I pledge to write and/or read if I want to. I will use FanFiction to have fun,and get a break. I pledge to experiment with my writing, and see what suits me. I pledge to read new things, and new topics, to see what I like. If I don't like something, I will not be afraid to say so, and leave it. If I love something, I will not be afraid stick with it and help it along the way. I will do what I want, when I want, if I want to. FanFiction, to me, means anything and everything.

Fandom(s): Transformers, "Mortal Kombat", Star Wars, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Suicide Squad and Saw; that's it so far. (The ones in quotes beside them are ones that I like, but haven't written anything for... yet; the ones italicized I have written something for, but have trashed; bold is something I've written for)

In case anybody asks, for Transformers I support both sides (though I don't side with the humans); for Star Wars you'll find me as a bounty hunter of sorts. Oh, and a quick heads-up about Saw: if you're looking for something like Saw IV-Jigsaw, or what I reference as torture horror, I suggest looking somewhere else. The stories I'm writing in that genre are more psychological horror (like Saw-Saw III) than torture horror. There will be some gore when it comes to the traps, but my goal is mainly to get you (the reader) thinking about what's going on. Yeets for days!

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