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I am a Teen Titans fan. I like only the following pairings in stories: Rob/Star BB/Rae Cy/Bee KF/Jinx. I really hate seeing people who publish stories that involve BB/Star and Rob/Rae. I mean seriously? Trouble In Tokyo sealed Robin's fate for sure. Not only that it's quite obvious in every freaking season that Robin cares for Starfire more than everyone else on the team combined.

People then say but what about Beast Boy and Raven. You see if you watch closely on episodes like Spellbound and The Beast Inside you'll find that Beast Boy and Raven do care for each other. Heck in the End Beast Boy let the Beast out again to protect Raven! A form that he has no control of that comes out for one person and one person only and that person is Raven.

Look Rob/Rae just isn't possible without someone getting hurt. Unless the Rob/Rae we'really talking about here is plutonium then yes. You see Starfire obviously loves Robin and he cares for her too. If Raven and Robin got together do you know how hurt she would be.

Then there's Beast Boy. He obviously cares for Raven since he's the only Titan really who truly comes to Raven as a friend, not the concern of a leader. If you still don't believe me think this who comforted Raven when Malchior broke her heart? Who has been trying since the formation of the Titans to make her laugh and smile? Who entered her mind and stayed even though there was a chance of her being defeated and never being able to leave again? Finally biggest one here, who was more concerned for her even though his own DNA was falling apart?

Beast Boy.

I'm no idiot when it comes to showing you love someone. The moment, you're told your dying yet you still care more about someone else's well-being. Well let's just say that in reality Beast Boy does love Raven a lotherworldly jus fromantic that one question he asks. He cared enough to bring her out of her shell and experience life. Robin never tried as hard and Beast Boy gave it all he had. Maybe if they made a season six they'd show him maturing and Raven opening up with the way it was going.

What about Terra. Two words. Heart break. I don't support BB/T because of one fact. She has broken his heart multiple times in both the comics and the show. It is simply not healthy for Beast Boy when in reality it is shown that Terra doesn't want to be with him and wants to start over. Thus this pairing just doesn't work.

So to top I am with Rob/Star and BB/Rae (mainly BB/Rae if you read my stories) because it's right. These pairings hurt no one at all (maybe BB if he pissed Raven off). No one is broken hearted and everyone lives happily without any angst. I don't use just logic and common sense for this, I use my personal experiences with life as well. I know enough to see someone likes someone. Robin and Starfire are very obvious. Just look closely in the episodes and you'll find things for BB/Rae if you look close enough. Watch the first episode and you'll see what I mean.

I'm a BBRAE shipper not only because it is the best, but because it's right. I hope those that read this will follow the logic and common sense here. Because if you ask me the world is lacking these two at the moment. To Beast Boy and Raven.

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