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Name: Call me CD or Page (Reason for this being that my mum couldn't spell Paige properly when I was born so my middle name ended up being that instead)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Location: Wales (can hardly speak Welsh though) I can say "Thank you" and "Please may I go to the toilet" okay but that last one is only because they wouldn't let you go to the toilet in my Primary unless you said it in Welsh.

Tumblr account: MonkOfTime1412

DeviantArt account: SylphOfHeart1412

Interests: Reading, D&D, Horse Riding and any sort of animal.

Some of my favourite singers: Adam Lambert, Queen, Escape the Fate, Kygo, Onlap, Panic! At the Disco, Redbone, Rupert Holmes, Shinedown, Starset, The Weekend, Toploader, KISS, Passion Pit, Martin Garrix, Mystery Skulls Animated.

My favourite things are: Transformers from generation 1 to Prime and including movies, all the Iron-man movies, Thor Ragnarok, Ant man and the Wasp, Deadpool 1 and 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ben 10 to Ultimate Alien, Danny Phantom, American Dragon, Steven Universe, Star Vs the Forces of Evil, Over the Garden Wall, Gravity Falls, the Owl House, Ducktales, Amphibia, She-Ra, Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, Young Justice, Biker Mice from Mars, Merlin, Sherlock, How I met your mother, Pushing Daisies, Marvel Comics and films, DC Comics, Homestuck, Welcome to Nightvale, Harry Potter, Skulduggery Pleasant, Percy Jackson, Death Note, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Bleach, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures and My Hero Academia.

My favourite characters in Transformers are: Sideswipe and Sunstreaker (G1), Sideburn (RID 2001), Cyclonus and JetFire (Armada), Kicker and Ironhide (Energon), Scattershot and Thundercracker (Cybertron), Prowl, Jazz and Blitzwing Random especially (Animated), Megatron, Knockout, Soundwave and Wheeljack (Prime), Blades (Rescue Bots) Grimlock, Optimus and Will Lennox (Movieverse).

Other favourite characters: Tony Stark and Rhodey(Iron Man), everyone in Ragnarok they were all perfect (Thor Ragnarok), Scott Lang and Hope Pym (Ant-Man and the Wasp, Deadpool and Dopinder, All members of the Guardians of the Galaxy especially Quill and Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy), Ben Tennyson and Ship (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien), Sam Mason and Clockwork (Danny Phantom), Jake Long, Fu dog and Trixie Carter (American Dragon) Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Obsidian, Spinel and Steven (Steven Universe), Star Butterfly, Tom and Marco Diaz (Star Vs The Forces Evil), Greg (Over the Garden Wall), Bill Cipher, Soos, Wendy and Mabel (Gravity Falls), Luz and Eda (The Owl House), Penny and Webby (Ducktales), Anne, Marcy and Polly (Amphibia), Double Trouble, Entrapta and Bow (She-Ra), Alya, Uncanny Valley and Luka (Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir), Aqualad, Kid Flash and Artemis (Young Justice), Throttle and Charley (Biker Mice from Mars), Merlin and Arthur (Merlin) Sherlock and Moriarty (Sherlock), Ned and Digby (Pushing Daisies), Spiderman and Tony Stark (Marvel), The Flash and Batman (DC), Dirk Strider, Gamzee Makara and Karkat Vantas (Homestuck), Cecil Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale), Sirius Black, Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter), Skulduggery Pleasant, Ghastly Bespoke and China Sorrows (Skulduggery Pleasant), Grover, Leo Valdez and Coach Hedge (Percy Jackson), L Lawlight (Death Note), Monkey D. Luffy, Zorro, Vivi, Brook, Chopper, Sabo, Ace, Whitebeard and Law (One Piece), Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox, Elfman Strauss and Pantherlilly (Fairy Tail), Ichigo Kurosaki, Coyote Starkk and Grimmjow (Bleach), Johnathan, Jotaro and Iggy (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures), Izuku, Hitoshi and Aizawa (My Hero Academia).

Drawings for my Fanfiction stories: (Fill in spaces with a full stop) A Dragon's Fire Cover- http://sylphofheart1412 deviantart com/art/A-Dragon-s-Fire-Cover-618111477 Megumi Hikari- http://sylphofheart1412 /art/Megumi-Hikari-618112778

My Stories:

Not Started- X

Half Way- /

Complete- =

Current Stories:

Sparks of Magic

Summary: Harry, betrayed by members of his family, leaves Britain and moves to America along with Sirius, Remus, Fred and George just in time to join an alien war. Dumbledore/Molly/Ron/Ginny bashing.

Rating: T for violence

Chapter 1: New Life =

Chapter 2: Robot Cars =

Chapter 3: Meeting the Autobots =

Chapter 4: The Life of Harry =

Chapter 5: Agents of Sector 7 =

Chapter 6: Mission City =

Chapter 7: Meeting the Parents =

Chapter 8: New Arrivals =

Chapter 9: Games and Promises =

Chapter 10: Britain's Perspective =

Chapter 11: Foretelling =

Chapter 12: Problems Arise =

Chapter 13: Crashing Down =

Chapter 14: Revelations =

Chapter 15: The Matrix =

Chapter 16: Searching the Sands =

Chapter 17: Battle at the Pyramids Part 1 =

Chapter 18: Battle at the Pyramids Part 2 =

Sparks of Magic: Riddikulus of Wizards

Summary: Short chapters of what happens in between Sparks of Magic. Be prepared for foolish moments with both of the twins, some Animagus moments and a proposal. If you have not read Sparks of Magic, read it first or you will be confused.

Rating: T because there will be some violence involved as this is Transformers and Harry Potter.

Chapter 1: The Toaster Incident =

Chapter 2: Jet Judo =

Chapter 3: A Problem with a Potion /

Chapter 4: The Proposal X

Chapter 5: The Situation That Never Happened X

Chapter 6: 5 times McGonagall caught Sirius and Remus together and the one time she didn’t X

What Was Once Forgotten

Summary: June never knew what her life was like before 15 years ago having lost her memory but a strange Cybertronian pod may be the start of figuring out who she and Jack used to be.

Rating: T for fighting.

Chapter 1: Changes =

Chapter 2: The Decepticons =

Chapter 3: Gone =

Chapter 4: A Gladiator and a Medic /

Chapter 5: A board the Nemesis X

Ultimate Justice

Summary: Ben's world has been destroyed and he no longer wants to be a hero so what happens when he and Ship are sent to a world full of them, the Justice League one.

Rating: T cause of violence

Chapter 1: One Left =

Chapter 2: Alien Invasion =

Chapter 3: A Heroes' Return /

Chapter 4: X

A Dragon's Fire

Crossover story between Harry Potter and One Piece

Summary: Harry thought that after the war, he could finally have a normal life. However the Ministry found out about both his Animagus form and that he possessed all three Deathly Hallows which led Harry needing a way out of their sights for good. Off to a different dimension, his infamous Potter luck acts and he ends up in a world full of pirates, marines and Devil Fruits with some changes.

Rating: T

Chapter 1: Leaving =

Chapter 2: Emerald Flames =

Chapter 3: Whitebeard Pirates /

Chapter 4: Festivities /

Chapter 5: Don't Mess With a Dragon /

Story Ideas (that may or may not be made)

Fire and Energon

Crossover story between Transformers Prime and Firebreather

Summary: All Jack wanted was to be normal like everybody else. A bit hard when your orange, breath fire and have 120 foot dad. To top it all off, he just had to get dragged in to an alien war. Great, just great! (Note the sarcasm)

Rating: T

Chapter 1: Not so Normal Life /

Setting Sail in a Different Direction

Summary: What if there was a few differences to the One Piece story? With Sabo alive and wanting to remain with his brothers, all three set out together and meet the Whitebeard Pirates.

Rating: T

Chapter 1: Setting Sail /

Author: Follow Favorite

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