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Greetings human. You have now gained a virus on your device by clicking on this writer's link.

I know you probably don't actually want to know anything about me but I guess I'll just state the basics.

Name: May. And yes, that is my actual name. My irl last name also starts with L but to be safe, let's just say it's Lawliet, okay?

Age: 16. Yes I am in the prime emo age.

Race: White trash.

Sexuality: Gayer than the Fourth of July

Pronouns: Goddess, Supreme Overlord, Boss Ass Bitch, Loki King of Asgard

That's really all that matters, right?

I am a depressed piece of trash. Trash that is on fire. Burning Trash that wants to fucking die.

Burning Emo Suicidal Meme Trash.

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