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Personal Data:

Sex: male

Alignment: somewhere between chaotic good and chaotic neutral, although the 'gamer alignment' chart ranks me as neutral good.

I enjoy high quality stories.

I sometimes read some very badly written fanfiction though where you have to spend like 1 min per sentence trying to understand what the fuck they are talking about and then I think back to the My Fair Lady movie my mother likes to watch with me and I understand why Professor Higgins feels the way he does: "Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?" (transferred to grammar and the like of course).

Random Ideas, that may or may not be used to create/write/inspire crossovers:

A discussion stare-off between Chell [Redacted] and Link...

Most (Anime) Main Characters have red hair in their family. My Theory: There is some sort of Clan (Uzumaki?) that streches across the multiverse and has some sort of hereditary Hero's Luck, which 'enables' their members to have the kind of strange luck a protagonist seems to have (bumbling from one (mis)adventure to the next, attracting 'abnormal'/supernatural people, things like that).

In Naruto, his father Minato Namikaze summons the Shinigami to bind the Kyūbi, this might lead to a interesting Crossover with Bleach (no duh), Death Note (you don't say), Soul Eater (Lord Death FTW) or other Anime with their respective Shinigami.

Archer (any Heroic Spirit, really) from F/SN is said to reside in the Throne of Heroes (not sure though) and therefore exists out of time. There have to be some interesting Crossovers hidden somewhere across the Caleidoscope, with him being summoned for different purposes (a jinxed teleportation circle in DxD, a Senkaimon accident, a summoning of some sort).


'Because... Because... Oh, fine! It's 'cus I'm bored! B-O-R-D Bored!' Hichigo; Savage Ch 3

I am not comletely sure, but if I say here that my profile pic is from as RWBY Unlimited Blade Works, can I get sued or something like that?

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