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Real name: Aline - don't let my pen name fool ya, I'm a girl ;)

I'm an old Harry Potter fan and a new Buffy one, and I can't, for the life of me, kill major characters - shame on you, Rowling, for killing Sirius, Remus, Fred, Snape and all (except maybe Dumbledore - he had a really long life); and on you, Whedon, for Joyce, Tara and Anya.

I write mainly romance, usually with a touch of drama/angst but always with a happy ending. If soul-wrenching is your thing, I'm not your writer =/

My stories are all in English because because the almost non-existent Buffy fandom in Brazil has been dead for some years now, but I'm actually Brazilian and I might consider translating the Harry Potter ones to my native language... we'll see.

Follow me on tumblr for updates, recs and to ask questions.

Tumblr: blondhandsomestranger .tumblr .com

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