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8Come What May » After the war, Harry had expected to be done with Voldemort forever. So imagine his surprise when he found out that Riddle enacted the Right of Conquest, becoming Harry's slave forever.
Harry Potter, T, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 2, words: 27k+, favs: 72, follows: 88, updated: 9/19/2020 published: 7/27/2020, [Harry P., Tom R. Jr.]
65Poetic Justice » [Tomarry] As punishment for his crimes, Tom Riddle—formerly the Dark Lord, Voldemort—is given to Harry Potter as a slave. Harry didn't even know slavery was still a thing in the wizarding world, and most definitely doesn't want one.
Harry Potter, T, English, Romance & Friendship, chapters: 5, words: 17k+, favs: 222, follows: 284, updated: 1/10/2020 published: 5/28/2019, [Harry P., Tom R. Jr.]
83Until the End of Time » [Tomarry] Harry Potter is the Master of Death, and thus, immortal. Every couple thousand years, he'll let himself reincarnate into a new dimension. This dimension is quite similar to his first one, except he has a twin brother, and the Voldemort in this world is willing to give up everything he's worked for, as long as Harry teaches him magic.
Harry Potter, K+, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 9, words: 48k+, favs: 478, follows: 596, updated: 1/7/2020 published: 8/9/2018, [Harry P., Tom R. Jr.]
2Until We Meet Again [Tomarry] Harry and Tom, immortal soulmates—thanks to Harry being the Master of Death—decide to do a fun challenge. Tom is back in the 1940's, trying to convince a different Harry that, no, he's not out to murder all muggleborns and make horcruxes. Harry ends up in his sixth year, goes on a hunt for horcruxes with Ron and Hermione, and also makes friends with a very familiar diary.
Harry Potter, K+, English, Romance & Hurt/Comfort, words: 6k+, favs: 28, follows: 32, 9/3/2019
6 Rolling a One (1) on Seduction A man hiding behind a dumpster watches a young woman try to seduce the Back-Alley Murderer. It doesn't work, surprisingly. The man watches another girl, this one much younger with bright blonde hair, try to seduce the Back-Alley Murderer only moments later. It.. works? Wait, what?
Angels of Death, K+, English, Romance & Humor, words: 3k+, favs: 55, follows: 17, 3/30/2019, [Ray/Rachel G., Zack/Isaac F.]
25 Something Lost, Something Broken » "Rachel Gardner, you are a witch. And Isaac Foster, a wizard." The one where Ray gets accused as a witch again, but they're actually right this time. Alternatively: Zack and Ray head to Hogwarts after they receive their letters, only to find new enemies, new friends, and two kids, broken beyond belief, who remind them a bit too much of themselves.
Harry Potter & Angels of Death, K+, English, Romance & Friendship, chapters: 3, words: 19k+, favs: 70, follows: 84, updated: 1/16/2019 published: 1/9/2019, [Ray/Rachel G., Zack/Isaac F.] [Harry P., Tom R. Jr.]
22Till Death Do Us Part » [Tomarry] Tom and Harry are soulmates in every sense of the word. Partners in crime, lovers, and at one point, horcruxes. They would both say "till death do us part" but the fact that Harry is the Master of Death, and Tom is his soulmate, means that neither of them can actually die. It's much harder to get bored living forever when you have somebody to share every moment with.
Harry Potter, T, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 2, words: 12k+, favs: 190, follows: 203, updated: 10/22/2018 published: 10/15/2018, [Harry P., Tom R. Jr.]
8 Chip in the Heart Ray talks Zack into baking cookies. They learn things about themselves. Zack finds out he wouldn't mind doing it again. ((ZackRay fluff))
Angels of Death, K+, English, Friendship & Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 51, follows: 21, 9/20/2018, [Ray/Rachel G., Zack/Isaac F.]
13Deal With It (BillDip) Dipper and Mabel, upon entering adulthood, move to Gravity Falls with their Grunkles. Except, Dipper hears a voice in his head, which leads him to making a deal with Bill Cipher. The duo have a blast going on adventures and enjoying each other's company. Somehow, romance ensues, and Dipper accidentally becomes the leader of the Mindscape. Bill's still confused on how that happened.
Gravity Falls, K+, English, Romance & Adventure, words: 5k+, favs: 64, follows: 53, 5/25/2018
5 Denial of Confessions (Shizaya) Izaya is handed to Shizuo as a birthday present, being forced to listen to the blond's every order by a collar Celty made. The only way to take the collar off is if Izaya tells Shizuo a secret that he's been keeping for years, and has no intention of ever revealing.
Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, K+, English, Angst & Romance, words: 5k+, favs: 62, follows: 19, 2/18/2018, Izaya O., Shizuo H.
37It's A Secret (Shizaya) » For as long as Izaya can remember, he has been able to see people's deepest, darkest secrets. It comes in the form of a simple sentence written above their head, including Izaya's himself. When Izaya decides to head to Ikebukuro, he is greeted with the cause of the bad feeling in his stomach. "Shizuo Heiwajima wants to die."
Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, K+, English, Fantasy & Romance, chapters: 3, words: 10k+, favs: 70, follows: 73, updated: 2/4/2018 published: 12/18/2017, Izaya O., Shizuo H.
8Blood Bond (Shizaya) » Shizuo is a human who has a heart of pure gold, even with his out-of-control temper. Izaya is a cunning vampire who always repays people for helping him out, so they can't use him as blackmail later. Shizuo saves Izaya's life and Izaya wants to repay him by becoming his servant, but Shizuo doesn't think Izaya owes him at all. The two eventually compromise, but Izaya's not pleased.
Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, K+, English, Romance & Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 12k+, favs: 38, follows: 39, updated: 11/26/2017 published: 11/4/2017, Izaya O., Shizuo H.
11 What Do You Mean Titans? » Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, Hanji, and Erwin all go on an expedition by themselves. They never expected to find A FOURTH WALL though. They explore it and find some more "humans" there and have to explain what the "walls" are. And the countries have to explain what the world is by giving tours or something. I do not own Hetalia or Attack On Titan.
Hetalia - Axis Powers & Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人, K+, English, Humor & Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 1k+, favs: 29, follows: 29, updated: 6/1/2017 published: 8/16/2015
4Twisted Metal » Tom has a new job at Freddy Fazbears Pizza as a stand in night guard while Mike is sick. But one way or another, Tom is determined to live, though Tom's approach is a little different from most... From fox pirates to pink cupcakes, life definitely became more interesting with them around.
Five Nights at Freddy´s, K+, English, Horror & Mystery, chapters: 3, words: 3k+, favs: 8, follows: 8, updated: 2/27/2017 published: 1/25/2017
22Reflections of a Mirror » Canada was feeling lonely, being ignored all the time. So when he accidentally stumbles upon a magical book, without knowing it's magical, he makes a wish. Next thing you know, his reflection changed into a different him. As first, they were enemies and Canada was scared, but they soon became friends. . . . . .I don't own Hetalia in any way.
Hetalia - Axis Powers, K+, English, Friendship & Adventure, chapters: 9, words: 12k+, favs: 27, follows: 34, updated: 11/14/2016 published: 5/6/2015
7Minecraft: A Crafter's World » Zoey was one of those special people called Crafters. Most people only get to cook or mine, but Zoey can do all of that. She's pretty skilled at hunting monsters as well, so everyone's jealousy takes over their kindness when it comes to her. With no friends to keep her company Zoey doesn't do much but survive. But now theres someone, or something, she likes hanging out with.
Minecraft, K+, English, Fantasy & Friendship, chapters: 5, words: 6k+, favs: 3, follows: 5, updated: 7/28/2016 published: 5/3/2016
5Cupcakes Lost In A New World » Oliver is found by some countries and doesn't have any memories of himself. Then after regaining a couple memories, a few people who claim to be family come looking for him. Except they don't seem too nice, and they're planning something. . . . .Don't mind the rating. And story is better than description.
Hetalia - Axis Powers, K+, English, Friendship & Fantasy, chapters: 4, words: 3k+, favs: 5, follows: 9, updated: 6/12/2016 published: 5/3/2015
4 Supernatural Pasta Sam, Cas, and Dean try to investigate the murders happening in Dayton, Ohio, but instead find themselves in the middle of a crack fic with murderers. Creepypasta x Supernatural crack crossover Ships will be included. Lots of ships. I'm sorry. I'm a terrible person. Made by me and Renae (more is explained in story...)
Supernatural & Mythology, K+, English, Supernatural & Fantasy, words: 2k+, favs: 4, follows: 1, 5/25/2016
34 Killers And Countries » A bunch of the Creepypasta people somehow all try to attack the countries at the same time. Though none work out too well and they all become friends. Well, most... Let's just say you can't attack Italy without Luciano coming to save him.
Hetalia - Axis Powers, T, English, Humor & Fantasy, chapters: 7, words: 16k+, favs: 18, follows: 23, updated: 4/5/2016 published: 9/24/2015
1 Befriended The Enemy Arthur Kirkland is a British soldier in the French and Indian War who decides to go for a walk in the middle of the night and runs into a French soldier named Francis Bonnefoy. At first they were enemies, but as they kept running into each other, they soon became friends despite the war. There is some yaoi in here, but it's only one ship... Story is probably worse than summary...
Hetalia - Axis Powers, K+, English, Friendship, words: 3k+, favs: 2, follows: 1, 11/13/2015
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