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I'm also on AO3, but I do have to warn you - some of the stories I favorite on there are quite dark or explicit compared to on here, and I'm not quite sure if everyone would be able to handle them. Not to mention my insane ramblings when reviewing a story I favorited - yes, you can point out all the reasons you liked a story while favoriting (bookmarking as it's called on there) it. I keysmash, use capital letters in abundance, and pretty much break all the rules in the English language. But AO3 isn't Goodreads - which contains more polished reviews- so I feel comfortable enough expressing my histrionics and excitement I can't express in real life about a story on there .

If you're okay with all that, feel free to visit @CrysstalClear - some great content on there you wouldn't find on here! I warn in most cases about what exactly you'd be getting yourselves into in a story - just be sure to look at 'bookmarker's notes'. Decide what you're comfortable with, and don't push yourself too hard - you'll know when you're ready. :)


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