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Hello. Hi. Welcome. Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for fanfic writers. It always amazes me people will put in hours to write a story for strangers without any expectation. Fanfic feels like an antidote in this busy 'ol world.

I first stumbled across fanfiction after reading the Anne of Green Gables series. I took to the internet in the hopes of discovering more stories by L.M.M Montgomery and the click of a link brought me here. Sure enough I have been enjoying the varied interpretations of Maud's characters ever since. My first foray into trying my hand at being a fanfic writer still exists. Should you be curious what teenage me wrote then please look up user Tinka1.

Many, many years later I decided to try writing again. So far I have only finished one story and am working on my second (babies and the adventures of life have made it a little hard to find time to write - but The Enamel Heart will be finished because I don't like not finishing things). I do have an account over on the other fanfic website where a couple of short stories from the new Anne show live. And if you are wondering, the 1980's version will forever be my favourite.

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