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I am a Detective PM
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Name: Mind your business

Age: 18

Gender: Online anonymous

Status: In love with the world

Things I don't like about fanfiction; Mary Sue (or any central OC. It's fanfiction!), unfinished fics, death fics (warnings please), crap plot lines and no effort to spell etc etc.

What I love about fanfiction; H/C, angst, whump, fluff, the chance to see my favorite characters in dangerous situations (I don't know why I like that but I do), and the fact that fandoms I love will never end so long as there's fanfic.

Other stuff I like:

Young Justice - beyond awesome.

Batman - who doesn't like Batman?

Dick Grayson - so pretty. Just so pretty

Chocolate - both my nemesis and greatest love

Frappuccino - frothy goodness

Fanfiction - obviously or I wouldn't be here

Snow - the fluffy kind

Harry Potter - I still miss it. Fanfic is great but it's not the same.

Whodunnit novels - hey, what can I say? I'm a detective!

Stuff I don't like:

Mary Sue (I won't be going there)

Rudeness (seriously, what's the point?)

School (nearly finished!!!!!!)

Math (it hurts me)

Spiders (why do they need 8 legs?!!!)

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