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Hi there I'm AdriƩn,

Do you like my profile picture? I drew it. Check out my Instagram mentioned below ..I post art there xD

A Little bit about what my FanFictions are about:

I am new to the land of creating FanFiction. My account will mainly consist of Twilight FanFiction. Yes i know Twilight is a thing in the past but i am still a hard core Twi-hard fan and absolutely still love reading fanfictions of the characters. I am going to for now mainly focus on fanfictions about my favorite characters in the book/movie Esme and Carlisle. I just love the dynamic and back story of the two and feel inspired to write my own take of there life in different perspectives.

My weakness:

I am still new to the whole writing thing so I would love some constructive criticism to help me improve on my writing style and definitely my punctuation. I hope my stories are not 'teeth pulling' because I know if it was me reading a fic like that I would die.

So please take into account that firstly my English is not the best, as well as for now I will only be writing my stories in first perspective. For it is the easiest for me to understand, not get confused in and I know well i hope I that wont mess up whilst writing in it. So yeah that is pretty much it. xD


The characters i am writing fanfictions of belong to the goddess herself Stephenie Meyer.


Check out my social media

Twitter: @AidAdrien

Instagram: @AdrienDiamond

DeviantArt: @AdrienDiamond

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