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Autobot Pikachu PM
Joined Apr '15, USA

Hi I'm Autobot Pikachu!

Before you ask I'm a girl

I love Pokemon, Transformers, Thundercats, Suite life series, Full house, Wizards of Waverly place, Spongebob Squarepants, going to the mall, going to Starbucks, going to sweet frog, baking and animals.

I'm going to be a baker when I finish college and My favorite Pokemon is Sandile. My favorite transformers series is Armada.

I also like going to the zoo and the aquarium and I have hedgehog named Mocha I also enjoy transformers rid 2015 my one of my favorite characters is Jetstorm from who can relate and I like Drift.

My favorite Autobot is Hot shot (armada).

My favorite Decepticon is Starscream (armada).

Well you guys rock.

Please vote on my polls!

That's all I got to say!

If you don't like my stories don't read them. If you think my story needs correcting for grammatical errors please tell in the reviews, I appreciate constructive criticism but I don't take kindly to bullying, to myself, or anyone else on this website who writes. So please let's be kind to one another.

(Oh if you see one of my stories disappear suddenly it's because I am having trouble with the updating when it doesn't appear when I do it.)

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