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I'm not native english speaking so sometimes I struggle to find the right words, or I express myself in a clumsy way.

I love to read books as well as fanfictions, in english as well as my native language (swedish).

I've not written anything as I prefer to help others to improve their stories. I think that one needs help to lift a story from good to great. When I leave reviews I always try to both lift what I enjoyed as well as what I wished had been done in another way. This is because I want to help lift your skills so that you can improve your writing.

Fandoms that I like:

  • Harry Potter

  • Sherlock

  • Merlin

  • (and others)

    If you want me to read, review or give constructive feedback on any of your stories/fanfics then don't hesitate to PM me and we will see what can be done

    Have a good day,

    you are appreciated and valued3

    [11 April 2023]

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