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HEYO! I'm Sakarrie! Thanks for taking the time to visit my page!

I've been reading fanfiction for years, but this fanfic profile is where I started posting for the first. Please keep in mind as you read that these are all very old in terms of my writing develoment. I've been going through and doing basic edits, but I plan to finish my wips before getting into indepth editing. Hopefully, I'll be able to go through and rewrite them all eventually. (:

You'll likely see lots of fandoms on this page. I especially love Supernatural, Voltron, Merlin, and Shera, but there's like 3 billion other fandoms I'll randomly get obsessed and reobsessed with. The majority of my work will probably be in those 4 fandoms though.

By the way, I'm also on AO3! This is where my more recent writing is and, while it is all Supernatural so far, a Merlin fic is coming soon. And once I've rewritten my work here, I'll be crossposting them on my AO3.

Here's a link if you're interested! https : //archiveofourown. org/users/sakarrie/profile

If you guys are here to check for updates, both Fragmentation and It's Only Natural are WIPs with very long breaks between them. They aren't posted on a schedule, but they also won't ever be abandoned. I strongly recommend following them if you want to know when they update. (;

Thanks for visiting my profile and reading my fics! Remember that I really love and appreciate you guys!

-Sakarrie (:

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