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vburro08 PM
Joined Apr '15

Name: James

Age: doesn't matter


State: Lone Star(Texas for those who don't get it)

Current Occupation: pizza delivery

Favorite Movies: Balto, Cats and Dogs, Homeward Bound, The cat in the hat(Mike Meyers), Babe,and a lot more.

Favorite T.V shows: Walker, Texas Ranger, Macgyver, The A-Team, America's Funniest Home Videoes

likes: youtube, reading well-written fan fiction, Mountain Dew, writing fan fiction

dislikes: chores, pressure, and Justin Bieber

I'm currently working on my first fic ever, so I really appreciate reviews, whether positive or negative. Also, as a disclaimer, I DID NOT GET THE IDEA FOR MY STORY FROM SENIORCOPYCAT'S WORK!!! It's something that I was working on before I found this site. Just an FYI there. Any one wanting to borrow my characters must get my permission first, and I will do the same thing.

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